How To Fix A Program File Error When Sending Claims In Revenue Management

AZCOMP Support Video: When sending claims in either Medisoft or Lytec, this video will show how to fix a program file error when sending claims.

tips and tricks - AZCOMP TechnologiesThis video is about what happens when you are trying to send your claims and you get a program file error.  It just means that you don’t have a program file for that particular receiver.  So in this quick video, learn how to resolve that error.  Revenue Management is a program that integrates with both Lytec and Medisoft practice management systems and handles paper claims and electronic claims.  Josh from our support department breaks this down for you really simple.

If you have any other problems or need technical support for Medisoft, Lytec, EMR or Revenue Management, please call our support department at 888.799.4777 to establish a support account and we’ll be happy to help.

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Video: How to fix a program file error when sending claims in Revenue Management

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