How To Create A Support Ticket On The AZCOMP Support Portal

AZCOMP Support Video: How To Create A Support Ticket On The AZCOMP Support Portal!

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In this video, learn how to use our amazing tool the Support Portal.  In here, you first need to get a user name and password in order to access the portal.  In order to get your username and password, send an email to to request login access, or call our support department at 480.497.7480 and request it over the phone.

Inside the support portal, you can create a support ticket at any hour of the day or night.  You can also check the status of your ticket, see what technician is working on it, and you can see what they did to resolve your ticket.  All of your tickets you created at the support portal will be cataloged here too, so you will be able to see what your support history is, and see what a technician did to fix a previous error.

So watch this video here and learn how to use our phenomenal support portal.

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