How Do You Get The ICD-10 Codes Into Medisoft?

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Have you been wondering how to get all those new codes into Medisoft?

We have had many practices ask us how to get all of the new ICD-10 codes into Medisoft. We finally put this webinar together to help answer that question. It is a follow-up ‘Bonus’ webinar to our ICD-10 Webinar series we ran earlier this year. We broadcast this webinar on a very limited scale the other week and we are now making the recording available here.

In case you missed our ICD-10 Webinars, go to our Events page on our website to sign up and get access to the ICD-10 Webinar recordings.

In that series, you will learn all about all the new ICD-10 features that are loaded into Medisoft v20, and you will learn how to get all the new codes into Medisoft, and you will learn how to test your ICD-10 claims, and you will learn several other tips on how to make the transition to ICD-10 a little easier on yourself.

Right now though, we will specifically discuss how to get the ICD-10 codes into Medisoft.

Does Medisoft Come Pre-Loaded with ICD-10 Codes?

That answer to that question is “No”, but the good news is that we have options! Let’s take a look at the options.

Option 1 – The ICD-10 Mapping Tool

The ICD-10 Mapping Tool is one of the features built into Medisoft.  If you are on Version 19 or Version 20, you have this tool. This tool looks at the existing ICD-9 codes that you have in Medisoft and then using the GEMs (General Equivalency Mappings, which were produced by CMS) recommends one-to-one mappings, and one-to-multiple mappings for ICD-10 codes that you can use.

If you need how to use the mapping tool, go to our Events page on our website and watch our ICD-10 webinars and we’ll show you in detail how to use this tool, along with all the other ICD-10 tools in the program.

This is a very good tool, and you should use it. However, we like to call this a “good start” because it may not be enough for you. The reasons it may not be enough is because not all codes map or are included in the GEMs. Also, the GEMs were developed for the primary purpose of comparing and converting data (translating codes). And lastly, if everything was a 1-to-1 match then there would be no need for ICD-10!

As a note, if you are a new practice, and you do not have any ICD-9 codes yet, this tool will do nothing for you. You will need to build your own code library through one of the other tools we discuss below.

Option 2 – Medisoft Codes On Disk

If you are considering purchasing a physical code book, you need to instead consider to purchase Codes On Disk. Codes on Disk for Medisoft is a separate product you can purchase that will help you populate new codes into your program. It is a program that runs outside of Medisoft and will help you fill in all the gaps that the Mapping Tool left for you.

To start, Codes On Disk is the entire library of ICD-10 codes, and ICD-9 codes, and CPT codes, and Procedure codes.  It contains every code that is available to use by anyone. If you are a brand new practice, this program is a must. Using this program, you can import the entire code library in bulk, or you can review and select just the codes you want to import and then bring all of your selected codes in all at once.

Outside of just importing codes, there are many other reasons you would want this product, and when you watch the video below, we’ll show you all the benefits of Codes on Disk, and we’ll give you an overview of how to use the program.

Option 3 – Medisoft Encoder Pro

Medisoft Encoder Pro is another program that you can purchase separate from Medisoft, but it works directly inside of Medisoft. You don’t have to leave Medisoft to use Encoder Pro.

Encoder Pro exists to help you build your code library. It is not a bulk import like Codes On Disk, it helps you to find the specific diagnosis codes and procedure codes you need for specific situations, and is always available as a search engine of the entire code library.

Why would you spend money on a code book if you could spend money on Encoder Pro, and then use the software right inside of Medisoft which you can use to search for new codes and then import them into the program. It’s like Google versus the phone book. Google wins everytime!  Same with Encoder Pro!

Watch the webinar recording below to get more information on this amazing product, and to see how it works in the program.

Webinar Replay – How Do I Get My ICD-10 Codes Into Medisoft?

(Don’t forget to watch all of the other ICD-10 training videos we have! Go to to get access to the videos.)

Call us at (888) 799-4777 for more information or pricing for Codes On Disk & Encoder Pro.

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