Having Problems Getting Your Advanced Training DVD’s to Play?

How To Get Your AZCOMP Advanced Training DVD’s To Play

Medisoft Tips and TricksAs most of you are aware, we have a 2-disk Advanced Training DVD set that shows advanced features in Medisoft and also includes training for ICD-10 features in the program.  For some users, when they put the DVD into their computer, the videos won’t play.  If your computer is default set to open in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers, the video’s will not play.  In order to get the video’s to work, you have to play them using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

In this quick video, we show you how to get your video’s to play using Internet Explorer.

AZCOMP includes Medisoft advanced training dvd's training videos with every purchase of Medisoft


Video Transcript

We’re going to be taking look at a problem where the training video that you’ve received with your Medisoft program won’t open or play. Let’s go ahead and put the disc in. Now after you put the disc in you should be greeted with an auto run feature on your computer. We’re going to go ahead and click run. From here you can see a list of all the different training videos. Now if your computer is default set to open things with Chrome or Firefox it may not pick up on the plugin that was used to save this video. What we have to do here is go ahead and exit out of whichever internet browser is giving you a problem.

We’re going to go ahead and open the control panel for the computer. Within control panel you’re going to look for network and internet. From there you’re going to look for programs. Default programs and set your default programs. From the list on the left, go ahead and select Internet Explorer. Now double click on set this program as default. This will cause the program to open with every other program as a default. Go ahead and click okay and you can exit out of control panel. Now when you click on the video again you’ll notice that it loads in Internet Explorer and the plugin should play this time. If you have any other questions feel free to give us a call.