How To Add Grid Columns In Medisoft

Adding Grid columns into Medisoft Transaction Entry

Have you ever been in Transaction Entry and needed fields such a claim number that weren’t there?

The Medisoft Transaction Entry window is one of the most used sections of the Medisoft program, this is the screen that you would enter your charges and payments into when billing.

Within Medisoft Transaction entry you have the option to edit the grid column options by adding or removing items from the grid. Many of our customers have expressed the need to add additional fields to this grid.

In the grid options you have the ability to add things such as claim number, modifiers, comments, and more. Having these fields enabled would allow the user to see the information much more efficiently without the need to go to several different screens to obtain the information.

If you are a biller, and find yourself going back and forth between screens to find things like Claim numbers and comments this video will explain how you can expedite this process.

How to Add Grid Columns into Transaction Entry

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