From Then to Now

A History of Collaboration and Care

We’ve Always Been Who We’ve Strived to Be

In March, AZCOMP celebrated 20 years as a company, and it’s been exciting to see us grow over that time. It began as a husband and wife team that pretty quickly added two additional employees. This team of four was doing its best to produce the work of 20 people. It seemed destined to succeed each and every year. Above all, the one thing that AZCOMP started with – and has continued to keep for 20 years – is its spirit of collaboration and care for what it does.

Loree Olsen, Customer Experience Manager, has been here from the beginning. Here is what she has to say about AZCOMP’s history of collaboration and care.

I’ve worn lots of hats during my time with AZCOMP. But back in 2001 when things were still just starting out, I was wearing a lot of those hats all at the same time, which can be expected with any new business. Having so many roles could have been an overwhelming prospect, but it actually didn’t feel that way. It was an exciting time full of possibilities that we always tried to take full advantage of. I attribute our success right from the start to having great leadership. Specifically, our owner always looked to outside sources for help in every area we weren’t experts in and always sought our advice from the leaders in our industry, continually striving to make us better and stronger in any way he could.

When you have leaders who invest everything they can right back into the company they’re trying to grow, you have the formula for success, and the rest of the team can’t help but jump on board.

– Loree Olsen

Then, somewhere down the road to growth, AZCOMP also realized it needed to define its true purpose. You might be thinking that’s something that should have been done from the beginning, and you’re probably right. Businesses are often formed with specific goals and purposes in mind. But when a business starts to grow and roles become more defined, things inevitably change. So it was necessary to sit down and take time to define what made us great, what made employees excited to come to work, what our clients loved most about us, and the vision we had for making a real difference in our clients’ lives. It was a pivotal time in our company’s history.

We sat down for a week and hashed things out. We talked about the work we did and what it meant for our clients, their families, and even our own families. Here’s what we concluded: When you work in the field of health care technology, you touch man more people than just the doctors’ offices where you implement software and systems. The job you do affects every person that patient has an impactful relationship with. That’s because the well-being of one person matters to more than just that person. The technology we provide ensures out clients can take care of patients to the best of their ability, protecting them from everything from drug interactions to early detection of disease. That patient has been our mother, our brother, our client, our friend. The work we help these offices do comes full circle at that point, and we’ve built a team that understands the importance and impact of that.

For us, it’s personal. That realization made our purpose crystal clear, everything we do day in and day out ultimately serves to “Empower small practices to deliver the BEST care.”

– Loree Olsen

This idea of growing and expanding upon who we are and who we’ve envisioned ourselves to be has never stopped since day one, over 20 years ago. I’ve seen it firsthand and played many different roles in many different departments during that time. For that reason, I have no doubt that we’ll continue down the path we’ve laid out for ourselves. So here’s to the next 20 years of “Delivering Phenomenal” to our clients so they can “Deliver Phenomenal” to their clients, too.

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