Fly Me To The Moon

moon landing new york times

In a visit to NASA in 1962, President John F. Kennedy approached a man carrying a broom during his tour and said, “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?”

The man in the NASA issued uniform was only a humble janitor, but he responded, “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

From the perspective of most people, this man was just a janitor, there to sweep the floor and clean bathrooms. But this janitor had a bigger purpose. He was there to help put a man on the moon.

No matter how large or small your role, make a contribution to the bigger picture.

I’m an all or nothing kind of person. If I’m going to do something, I’m going all out. That applies to nearly everything in my life, whether taking my wife out on a date, going on a vacation, doing my work, or learning something new.

When I was a kid, my dad and I were fascinated by computers. My dad is an entrepreneur, so what started as something we were almost obsessively intrigued by quickly turned into a business venture for the two of us.

At 14, I was working with my dad delivering, installing, and repairing computers. We knew everything about these machines from the inside out, and while we were hard at work building custom computers for our customers, Dell was bringing the standard PC to people everywhere.

The custom built computer business just wouldn’t survive, so I started to learn more about the software as well as networking and other aspects of computers to branch out.

After serving a mission to Spokane, Washington at 19, I went back to working on computers and a little later started up with Medisoft (still keeping up with my own venture on the side). I was a quick study and became a good support technician for Medisoft. But, it was easy to see that I didn’t enjoy working for someone else. Like my father, I wanted to be my own boss so I could treat clients the way I knew they deserved to be treated.

While being a support rep gave me an inside look into how I wanted to work, it also connected me with what I wanted to do. Doctors are great at being doctors, and they should be since I’m entrusting life and limb to them! And yet, we really shouldn’t expect them to also be billing experts, computer wizards, and software Einstein’s.

When it comes to small and independent practices that is certainly the expectation though.

Most independent practices don’t have a large enough staff or enough resources to keep a full-time computer guy on staff, and an expert biller, and someone who knows all the intricacies of Medisoft and how to troubleshoot any problems, and someone who can research all of the latest and greatest tools available to them, and who can also keep up to date on all the new regulations and industry changes.

Because of this, all too often a simple misunderstanding leads to a whole host of practitioners wasting their time trying to be the expert of the technology world, which makes patient care less intuitive and more complicated than it needs to be.

So, with a dealer partnership through Medisoft, AZCOMP was born in a 250-square-foot room in the back of my dad’s insurance office. We had one goal: to allow our clients to do what they’re good at (be a doctor) while we dealt with the minutia of what we’re good at (computers).

Operating as a turn-key technology service for physicians everywhere, we’re living that dream! These days, we’re well beyond those 250 square feet and are serving close to 10,000 offices, most of those are repeat clients.

Does AZCOMP help doctors be better doctors?

Here is the point: We know we aren’t doctors and don’t even know the first thing about being one, but we do know technology for independent practices.

We know that when we are able to work on your software, train your staff, and manage your computers and network, that is our contribution to helping deliver better patient care. We also know we play a small role in healthcare, but we are also excited when we can partner with a provider to help make their technology world a little easier.

No matter how big or small your role, when you contribute to the bigger story within your life, or your business or organization, it is exciting and incredible things can happen.