How to Find the Best IT Services Company for Your Business

As a business owner in Phoenix, AZ, having the right IT services company as a partner is critical for the long-term success of your business. Modern businesses are so dependent on technology that overlooking who you hire is like doing business with one arm tied behind your back. Your competition is going to pass you up.

You see, the days of hiring by the hour to troubleshoot your printer or system are long gone.

The increasing importance of technology in contemporary business has made it crucial to have a professional full-service IT company as a key partner in your business. The right IT services company will support your growth, help you get all the right technology pieces in place, address your risks, and keep all your employees productive by quickly handling any IT issues that may get in their way.

“But my business is small!”

Saying so is selling yourself short! You probably have big goals for your business, and trying to figure out the IT stuff on your own creates a glass ceiling.

“What about the cost?”

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Hiring the best IT service is an investment in itself and, therefore, you should see it as a cost of creating a great business. It’s worth every dime! Quality IT services are some of the most important inputs into any business. Besides, modern IT consultants can customize and scale services to suit the needs of your business. That means you pay only for what your business requires.

Ultimately, it all boils down to how successfully you avoid unexpected downtime to scoop that competitive edge, AND how well you equip yourself and your employees with the right technology so your entire organization can excel with their work. But how do you identify the best IT services company, considering that no IT companies are the same?

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to find the best IT consultant for your firm; download and read our Complete guide to hiring an IT consultant. In the rest of this article, you’ll find abbreviated tips to consider as you evaluate your options.

Evaluate Your IT Services Needs

IT service companies are everywhere, but they’re not all made from the same cloth. It’s not all of them that may suit the needs of your business.

So, before you begin the process of finding “IT Services near me,” first understand your business needs and goals. What kind of service does your business need, and what results do you want to achieve? List any problems you’re experiencing from a technology, software, support, management, security, or risk perspective.

Are there issues with computer systems or network infrastructure?

Do you need a hand with software implementation or management?

Do you need support with IT management and planning?

Are there concerns about data security and risk management?

Understanding your needs will help you find IT services that best meet your requirements.

It’s also vital to consider your business goals and how you want technology to support them. You might find opportunities that elevate your business to the next level. Do you want to increase efficiency and productivity or streamline your business processes?

Having a clear grasp of your goals and how you want technology to support them will help you find IT services that offer the right solutions and support your long-term success.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the right questions even as you evaluate potential “IT Services near me.”

Check out this list of 19 questions you can ask to help you get to know any IT consultant you’re evaluating. Otherwise, here are some general guidelines.

Asking for a price or how long the company has been in business is not even close enough. Additionally, ask questions that help you understand how they deliver their services and how they go about achieving the desired results. It may take time to get a good understanding of a company, but it’s vital. Ask as many questions as possible, but ensure they’re relevant to your goal.

Include questions about their process for identifying and addressing IT issues, their strategy, and their methods for communicating with clients.

Ask about the technical expertise and their ability to support the specific needs of your business. For example, include questions about their proficiency in particular technologies, experience in your industry, and ability to support custom solutions.

In addition, ask about customer service and support: their availability, response time, and the methods used to keep clients in the loop.

Asking these questions can help you better understand the company’s capabilities and whether they align with your needs and goals. Do not hesitate to ask for references or speak with past clients to understand better the company’s track record and level of service.

Look for a Thorough Assessment

The best IT services company will thoroughly assess or evaluate your system. This helps them understand what is amiss with your current IT infrastructure and where to begin addressing any problems.

A thorough assessment should involve more than just asking how many computers you have. A good IT services company will spend time researching and investigating your system to understand your IT environment and any challenges you face. They’ll analyze your hardware and software, evaluate your network infrastructure and security, and identify gaps or inefficiencies in your current IT setup.

Therefore, an IT services company willing to invest the time and resources to thoroughly assess your system and provide a detailed analysis of your IT environment should be your goal.

Get a Detailed IT Services Proposal

As you evaluate IT services companies, getting a detailed proposal explaining how they will deliver the desired results is critical. A 1-page quote with a few bullet points is not sufficient. Instead, look for a thorough proposal that offers a lot of explanation on the process and approach they’ll take.

So, what should go in the proposal?

Typically, a detailed proposal should include a clear description of the services they’ll offer, the steps they’ll take to deliver those services, and the expected outcomes. The document should also outline the company’s process for identifying and addressing IT issues, their approaches, and client communication methods.

Lastly, if they just email the proposal to you, it’s a bad sign. You should want to spend time with your potential IT partner reviewing the proposal in person or on a Zoom call so you can ask follow-up questions and make sure you understand what they are proposing to do.

Consider the Company’s Reputation

In most cases, an IT services company is as good as its reputation. Do your own research. Look for reviews and endorsements from past clients and ask for references. A company with a good reputation is more likely to deliver high-quality services.

Go further and consider the company’s industry recognition and awards. A company with amassed accolades or recognition from industry organizations or publications can signify expertise and commitment to high-quality services.

A company’s reputation can also reflect its customer service and support. Look for companies with a history of positive client relationships.

Some Things to Avoid while Looking for a New IT Services Company

Don’t go too cheap on the consultant

The adage, ‘cheap is expensive,’ also applies to IT services companies. You, in most cases, get the value of your investment.

Therefore, avoid going the cheapest route when hiring IT consultants because it could cost you even more in the long run. Don’t make the mistake of basing the choice of consultant on price alone. It would not make sense to invest in IT infrastructure, subscriptions, and systems only to fail to make the most of it. So, think of hiring a professional that helps you maximize your investment; the amount you pay will be irrelevant.

Take Due Diligence when Hiring Relatives and Friends for IT Services

Hiring your relatives or friends may seem convenient and sometimes cheaper, but it may prove costly for your business. Don’t overlook expertise and qualification to be in good stead with your kin. Instead, hire based on trust in delivering the best results.

Another category to avoid is people with other full-time jobs and hobbyists. These individuals will not deliver the desired results at the time you want. You don’t want someone that’s only available on weekends or evenings.

Instead, hire a professional whose focus and expertise play to your advantage. Get someone with the staff, resources, and availability to serve your business entirely.

Above all else, it is up to you to decide who is best for your business. It’s an important decision, so apply these recommendations to your IT consultant search.

If you want more detailed guidance on how to find the best IT consultant for your business, download and read our Complete guide to hiring an IT consultant. Feel free to ask us any questions and even request an IT consultation!

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