Every Practice Should Be Doing This…

Every practice should be doing this one simple thing to help avoid fatal mistakes.

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You’ve probably heard our purpose here at AZCOMP- “Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care”.  Some may think those are just words, or a catchy slogan that we came up with- but those words have deep meaning for us here at AZCOMP.

Obviously, we don’t work directly with your patients- and we aren’t so arrogant to think that we can help out with delivering health care.  This is what we are doing here though- playing for the patients. Every patient is someone’s mom, grandpa, neice, brother, daughter, or best friend and we think that every patient deserves the best care possible.  

Even though we aren’t doctors or nurses, we firmly believe that what we do here helps give small and independent practices the tools they need to make their practice run smoothly, thus enabling or empowering these practices to focus on delivering the best patient care that they are capable of.

Sometimes we hear stories that light this fire in us and make us more passionate about what we do- and sometimes we live those stories ourselves. And today we wanted to share the story of one of our own employees.

A Sad Story

About a year ago, one of our employee’s didn’t come into work because her mother had suddenly slipped into a coma. After a very scary and heart-wrenching time in the ICU they finally figured out the problem and were able to save her life. The Problem: Her doctor was not checking for drug interactions and had her on a combo of meds that were shutting her kidneys down and started a cascade of problems that affected her heart and brain. She almost lost her mother over a simple mistake.

Mistakes happen- But, this mistake could have and should have been avoided.

The doctor who wrote the prescription at one point had an EMR demo and quote from us and decided for whatever reason not to make the switch to EMR. If the doctor had been using our EMR and electronically prescribing, the software would have immediately caught the mistake and flagged the doctor who was writing the prescription. This life threatening mistake never would have happened.

Fortunately this mistake was corrected and her mother is still with us. But unfortunately thousands suffer or die each day in the United States from prescription errors. Can you imagine how many lives would be saved if every doctor were checking their prescriptions for drug interactions? It is for reasons like this that we are so passionate about what we do at AZCOMP.  We aren’t just selling software, we are making a difference.

Every provider needs to electronically prescribe and check for drug interactions- period.

If you truly want to give your patients the best care and avoid life threatening mistakes then call us today- we can help!

Your Turn To Share

Do you have a story about how the tools you use help your practice to deliver better health care than you could have without it?  We’d love to hear about it.  Please share your inspirational story in the comments below.

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