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Best in KLAS in the Small Practice EHR/PM category, Aprima is acquired by eMDs

As a partner of eMDs, AZCOMP Technologies is pleased to announce that eMDs has acquired Aprima Medical Software, Inc., a leading provider of electronic health records (EHR), practice management software (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions.

“Together, we can service a broad range of specialties and meet the evolving needs of our client partners,” said Derek Pickell, eMDs CEO. “The unique combination of our technologies and services prepares us to offer the most powerful and comprehensive portfolio of solutions available- and that means greater impact, increased productivity, and less operational burden for healthcare providers. Our bottom line is about facilitating the best patient outcomes, and together our companies clear the path for providers to do their best work while enhancing their financial strength.”

For AZCOMP Technologies, we’re excited at the opportunity to be able to include a product such as Aprima in our suite of products and services.

After 13 years in business, in 2013 we adopted our company purpose of “Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care”. We have been very proud of the product offerings we provide to our clients, such as Medisoft PM, Medisoft Clinical EHR, Lytec PM, Lytec MD EHR, NextGen Office EHR, Change Healthcare Electronic Claims, our Revenue Cycle Management services, our Managed IT Services, BillFlash electronic payments and statements, and AutoRemind appointment reminders and communications. These products have been very helpful, and will continue to bring value to the thousands of providers and other businesses that have trusted us to work with them. Having the Aprima product line to offer in addition to all these will make us that much more helpful to a wider range of clients to help them in Delivering the Best Care.

“One of my favorite things to do is to find products that will help offices be more efficient. So, we’re always looking for the holes in a practices workflow, and to find a way to help them to provide better care through the products that we endorse and offer and support” said Loree Olsen, AZCOMP Director of Business Development. “Having a product like Aprima to offer, which has so many excellent qualities and benefits will help us that much more to put our clients in a better position to thrive, and that’s exciting to us.”

At this early stage in the transition, we do not have any details about timelines for when we’ll be able to officially offer the Aprima products, or how this might impact our business. We will be notified and updated by eMDs as the integration plans of the two companies develops over time.


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