medisoft integrated clearinghouse

If you’re not using the Medisoft integrated clearinghouse, then you’re spending too much time managing your electronic claims.

What if we told you that you could save hours of time every single week just by making one simple change to the way you do electronic claims? As they say, “time is money”, and if that is true then a lot of wasted time equals a lot of wasted money. Plus, you could also be losing real money due to mistakes made from a manual and inefficient process. If you’re using the wrong clearinghouse, you might be saving a few pennies in monthly fees, but you’re paying big time in lost productivity and lost revenue by doing electronic claims the hard way – the manual way.

You can save big by switching from your clearinghouse to eMEDIX, the Medisoft preferred and integrated clearinghouse. The eMEDIX clearinghouse automates many of the manual steps your taking using your “free” clearinghouse. This automation helps you save hours of time and will help you manage the entire claims process in a much more efficient way to eliminate costly mistakes. You save time and maximize revenue.

With the Medisoft integrated clearinghouse, there will be

  • no more double data entries
  • no more manual downloading and uploading
  • no more phone calls to insurance companies to verify eligibility
  • no more 3rd party websites needed to submit claims through
  • no more outdated information in Medisoft
  • no more wasted time
  • no more lost opportunities

See how the Medisoft integrated clearinghouse can help

More often than not, new customers will ask questions about our integrated clearinghouse like “how can this help?” and “is it really better?” We’ve prepared this brief video to show you the 6 different ways this clearinghouse will legitimately save you boatloads of time and money, and we’re going to show it to you in Medisoft so you can see for yourself.

Check out the video

Let’s talk it over

We know first hand how scary it can be to switch to a new clearinghouse, and Medisoft is your solution to making life a bit easier. We’ve helped hundreds of practices make the switch and we’ll make it a quick and painless process.

Call us today to ask your questions, to get the details, and to discuss the process for moving from your current clearinghouse to the RIGHT clearinghouse. Let us help you get to a place where you can enjoy extra time, a streamlined and simple electronic claims process, and maximized revenue.

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