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Efficiency is essential in healthcare for ensuring quality patient care and managing administrative tasks. A crucial part of practice management is verifying patient eligibility for insurance coverage, including deductibles and co-pays. To streamline this process, healthcare practices can use technology solutions like Medisoft integrated with the eMedix Clearinghouse. This guide will walk you through setting up the eligibility receiver within Medisoft, enabling seamless eligibility verification for your patients.

In this video, we’ll show you the steps to enhance your bililng workflow and optimize the efficency of your practice: 


Accessing Configuration: Navigate to the “Process” menu in Medisoft and select “Change Practice.” Ensure the correct practice is highlighted and click on “Configure.”

Selecting eMedix Eligibility: In the Connection Wizard, enter your login credentials and select “eMedix eligibility” from the list of connections. 

Enter Additional Receiver Information: If applicable, check the box for “Group Practice” and enter contact information. Ensure the TPID number is entered in the designated fields.

Adding Eligibility Receiver to Insurance Carriers: From the Revenue Management screen, go to “Configure” > “Insurance” > “Eligibility Receivers.” Highlight all insurance carriers, select “EMEV” for eMedix, and click “Save.”


Locating Payer Numbers: Visit the eMedix website and access the payer list. Search for the desired payer, ensuring the transaction type is set to “Eligibility.” Copy the eligibility payer number for each insurance plan.

Entering Payer Numbers in Medisoft: In Medisoft, access the list of insurance carriers and add a column for “Primary Eligibility Payer ID.” Paste the payer numbers for each insurance plan in the corresponding field.


Verifying Eligibility: Pull up a patient case in Medisoft and click on the “Eligibility” button. Verify eligibility and ensure there are no error messages.

Viewing Eligibility Details: If successful, view the eligibility details to confirm coverage information.


For more insights into the latest features in CGM Medisoft and other innovations in healthcare technology, stay tuned for upcoming blog posts. Contact us to learn how these features can

benefit your practice and optimize your billing workflow.

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