Electronic Claims – Add Outbound Claims Folder To Your Favorites

Want A Time Saving Tip For Your Electronic Claims?

When you are using the Revenue Management tool for your Electronic Claims in Medisoft or Lytec, you frequently need to access your ‘Outbound Claims’ folder.  You can set this folder as a favorite so that you can access it much quicker saving you valuable time when you need to upload files to your clearinghouse.

Watch the short video here:

Revenue Management for Medisoft or Lytec - outbound claims folder - AZCOMP Technologies








 Video Transcript:

This video will show you how to add your Outbound Claims folder in Revenue Management to a favorite spot so you won’t have to go browsing throughout your whole network and your whole computer every time you go to upload that claim file to your clearinghouse.

First we need to actually get to that folder that we’re talking about, and it’s usually found in your Metadata folder. Your Outbound is right here, and what we want to do is, this is where it’s always going to be, so we’re going to go up here to your favorites and right click and add current location to Favorites. That way next time we go looking for it we just click on the Outbound folder in your Favorites, and there’s your claims.

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