How To Convert A Statement in Medisoft

Suppose you created a custom form or statement and cannot find it under Statement Management. Or you are coming from an older version of Medisoft that did not have Statement Management. In this case, there is a way in Medisoft to change the statement format so you can use it inside both Statement Management and the Reports menu option.

Follow these steps for instructions on converting a statement for use within Statement Management

  1. Click on Reports -> Design Custom Reports and Bills.
  2. The Medisoft Report Designer will launch. Click File -> Open Report.
  3. From the Open Report window select “Statement” from the “Show Report Style” selection, select the desired statement to edit and click OK.
  4. The selected statement will open; Click File -> Report Properties.
  5. From the Report Properties window click the “Convert” button.
  6. Click “OK” from the Convert Statement window. *It is not recommended that “Delete copy of the old Statement file” be selected at this point in the event something undesired occurs; the original statement can be deleted at any time from Tools -> Add/Copy User Reports.
  7. You will receive a confirmation message that the Statement converted successfully, click OK. And close the Medisoft Report Designer.
  8. The report will now be available for use in Statement Management

Watch the video so we can show you how to convert a statement for use within Statement Management