Resolving Eligibility Errors in Medisoft

How To Resolve Errors When Checking Insurance Eligibility In Medisoft

What is Eligibility Verification?

When using this tool, medical practices can easily check patient eligibility automatically prior to scheduled appointments or point and click for real-time verification for a single patient. Eligibility Verification provides quick confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage, which helps in reducing surprises when it comes to patient responsibility.

With the click of a button, a full day’s list of scheduled patients can be sent to most payers with responses retrieved directly from the payers to deliver you accurate eligibility information. This service not only saves time by eliminating lengthy phone calls to payers, It also accelerates cash flow by enabling immediate patient collection payment for any treatment not covered by insurance.

Errors when checking Eligibility?

Eligibility verification is a tool that typically requires configuration in order to verify accurately, however if you have been using this tool for some time and have encountered errors when attempting to verify insurance eligibility we have attached a video detailing the fix for this problem.


Medisoft Eligibility - AZCOMP Technologies

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Eligibility Verification Medisoft - AZCOMP Technologies





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