Network Security

Understanding Network Security

These days, businesses are often so concerned with day-to-day operations that they have forgotten to invest in network security. Others understand the need for complete network security, but have a relaxed strategy in regards to their IT, which can be just as dangerous in the event of a data leak or issue.

What is Network Security?

  • It’s protection from getting hacked and helps keep the bad guys out
  • It’s keeping your data secure and backed up, automatically
  • It’s preventing your system from getting infected by a virus or malware attack
  • It’s performing routine maintenance and patching to keep your system up to date
  • It’s about being aware of possible security threats – Not sure how to do this? Click Here for a free IT Report on how to protect and preserve your data!

Network Security

What Can Network Security Protect Your Business From?

Bugs, Viruses, and other vulnerabilities have all existed since the beginning of computing, but the threats found in today’s technology world have vastly outnumbered and outperformed them.

In part, this is due to how society has grown heavily reliant on the internet and technology. Here are some of the threats which proper network security can protect your business from:

  • Spyware and Adware: While not particularly threatening they can invade your privacy and pave the way for more dangerous infections to enter the network. Spyware can log your keystrokes, providing the bad guys with your valuable information. While adware is simply an annoying means to gain profit, through things like pop-ups.
  • Phishing and Identity Theft: Hackers will often try to pose as a reputable institution which your business has relations with in attempt to steal information from you such as your credit card numbers, banking information, or passwords. They do this by appearing legitimate through an email address or a website designed to look like the real thing.
  • Viruses, Malware, and Exploitation of Vulnerabilities: The goal of the hacker is to infiltrate your databases and steal your information, or to leave behind a backdoor for later access at their leisure. Hackers often infect systems with viruses or malware which can either cause damage or allow for the hacker to gain remote control to the machine. These measures are difficult to remove as they are often implanted into several areas of the machine and hidden very well.

Network Security from AZCOMP Technologies

At AZCOMP Technologies, we take security very seriously. We take preventative measures to keep the threats from ever entering your system in the first place.

This lets you avoid costly repairs or downtime that often follow a hacking attack. We offer a comprehensive network security solution, that keeps threats of all kinds from entering your network and neutralizing those that already have. Some of things included in our network security solution are:

  • Next Generation Firewalls:  Firewalls are your first line of defense against outside threats. A firewall will analyze the traffic and data going to and from your network. You can think of it like a virtual bouncer which keeps dangerous things from entering your network.
  • Antivirus Software: If a virus or piece of malware does manage to get through your firewall, it can be killed off quickly with an enterprise-level antivirus software. An antivirus eliminates threats as quickly as possible while limiting the damage done.
  • Spam Blocking: Not only is spam annoying and useless, some phishing emails might slip through your defenses. Instead of going directly to the inbox where it may be accidentally opened, it goes to the spam folder, where it can be promptly ignored or deleted.
  • Content Filtering: Not all web content is safe for viewing, so it’s important that your team can tell when a site is fake and when they are real. Content filtering allows you to block certain websites from accessing your data. It’s also good for increasing productivity in the office by limiting employee access to time-wasting websites like Facebook, BuzzFeed, etc.
  • Security Patching: We ensure that your machines are up to date with the latest security patches available to help keep your network as secure as possible!


A Healthy network is a strong network, AZCOMP Technologies can handle all this technical information for you while you reap the benefits of a protected network.

Give us a call at 480.730.3055 or click below to receive your free report on what every small business owner must know about protecting and preserving critical data!


Why Does Restarting a Computer Fix So Many Issues?

“Try Restarting Your Computer”

Few things cause more eye rolls than being told to restart a device. Most of us are used to hearing it by now. Many of the people that we help have already restarted their computers before they even call us, and there are some people that tend to have a “face-palm” moment when they’ve forgotten this technology fix-all.

Other people almost seem to take offense when they hear it, like they’ve somehow been insulted with this too-simple-to-help advice.

But guess what? It Does Work! We estimate that more than half of all issues in technology can are fixable with a simple reboot.

But why does rebooting fix problems?

When you are using your computer, you’re opening programs, installing and installing software, and moving files around. Sometimes windows like, internet browsers are open for hours, or even days at a time. There are a lot of background services that stop and start too, but you never really see these services.

We use our computers a lot, especially over the course of weeks or months.

What you may not realize, is that a lot of what you and your operating system does, is leaving behind a footprint. Usually this footprint is in the form of background processes you don’t really need running anymore or programs that didn’t quite close all the way.

These “left-over” items hog your system resources, and usually, your RAM.

When too much of this happens, you start to get problems, like a sluggish system, programs that won’t open anymore, etc.

When you reboot your computer, every single program and process ends as the power leaves your computer during the restart process.

Once the computer starts back up, you will have a clean state (of sorts) and more than not, a faster, better working computer.

Note: Restarting your PC is the same as rebooting or powering it off and then on. Restarting is not the same as resetting, which is a much larger process and usually includes erasing everything and returning to “factory defaults”.


Frequently Restarting May Indicate a Bigger Issue

Restarting your computer occasionally, is perfectly normal, and if you’re doing the type of work that requires multiple programs, it is encouraged.

However, if you find that the reboot is only a temporary fix for you, there may be a bigger problem at hand.

Hardware may be failing; important operating system files may be damaged or you may even have virus or malware files on your machine.

Give us a call, and we will work with you to find a solution any computer or network issues impacting your business. We’ll get the computer problems slowing down your office resolved quickly, and if you’ll allow us to, we’ll perform an assessment to determine what is causing your problems in the first place. This is called an IT Network Assessment, and we’ll do it for FREE! Call us now at (888) 799-4777 and we’ll start working on resolving your pressing computer issues.


How To Grow Your Business With Technology

How To Grow Your Business With Technology

Today the business environment is more competitive than ever before, and one of the ways that organizations are attempting to overtake others in their industry is through the use of strategic technology solutions. By effectively leveraging productivity tools, employees can collaborate in never before seen ways and exceed all expectations.

Due to this increase in competition, there has been more of a demand for productivity-increasing software, especially in more recent years. Small businesses can implement task management applications and other productivity software to great effect, allowing them to better manage their workforce and allow for company growth in the long run. Here are three ways that productivity technology can help your business grow and achieve spectacular results.


Cloud-Based Productivity Applications

The cloud allows for access to important productivity tools, like Microsoft Office 365 and Google’s G-Suite, from any location with an Internet connection. The cloud is great for any application that many people need to access, simply because they don’t need the application installed on their desktop. All they need is credentials to access it in their web browser through an Internet connection, which offers employees the flexibility to work anywhere at any time.


Communication Applications

When work is being done from multiple locations, you need communications solutions to keep in touch with project teams and anyone with their hands on a project. Solutions such as email, instant messaging, and conferencing allow employees to get more out of meetings and keep each other up to date on the progress of a project. It can make all the difference when ensuring that a project is finished on time and on budget.


Project and Task Management Applications

Having a clear-cut list of what needs to be done for a project or implementation process can be incredibly important in the face of deadlines. This software allows your employees to stay on task, and ensure that project managers can meet all obligations in time and on budget. Otherwise, you’re merely assuming that work will be done properly, when in reality it could be done improperly or get out of control.

No two businesses are created equal, so often solutions like these need to be carefully vetted between those that manage your company and those that manage your IT.

If your business wants to take productivity to the next level and create more opportunities for growth in the future, AZCOMP Technologies can help. To learn more about how your organization can get its hands on great tools like these, reach out to us at 480-730-3055.

Technology Issues Every Business Must Plan For

Every Business Must Plan for these Technology Issues

Managing a business is difficult enough without technology issues complicating the way of operations. Here are a few common issues that have been known to cause problems for businesses more than they should.

Data leaks and security issues: Considering the vast number of businesses with valuable data out there to steal, many decision makers fall into a false sense of security by thinking that their company will be overlooked on account of its size. As a result, these companies may have substandard or outdated security solutions put in place that simply are not adequate protection for the data they have.

These companies are often prone to have their data compromised because of their lax security, damaging their reputation and, by extension, the business itself. After all, if you were doing business with a company and they allowed your credit card information to be compromised, would you feel inclined to continue doing business with them?

Inadequate hardware and software: It only makes sense that many companies will put off buying hardware until they absolutely to. However, this strategy is risky, and will much more likely end up costing these companies more over time.

Not only is it more difficult to repair older hardware, as the components involved will become harder to find and more expensive to purchase, but it becomes dangerous to neglect updating software. This is because software is regularly updated by its developers to resist newly discovered vulnerabilities and other serious issues, and without these updates, your systems will still be exposed to these dangerous vulnerabilities.

Also, while a software developer might provide tools and or instructions for moving from an older version of their application to the next, it may become drastically more difficult to pull your data over from a more ancient version that is several iterations behind.

No backup: It’s amazing how much damage lost data can do to a business. 60 percent of small business that suffer from data loss have to shut down within six months, and only 57 percent of medium-sized businesses reopen after experiencing a major data-loss incident.

These outcomes could be mitigated with a properly managed backup solution, but too many companies either find it to be an unnecessary, expense or simply aren’t as diligent in taking a backup as they need to be. The best backup solutions are those that each day and store the data offsite.

We also firmly believe that an unmanaged, unmonitored backup is about as good as no backup at all. If your backup isn’t being regularly maintained and tested, you have no idea if it’s even doing its job.

Insufficient IT support: Consider how many people you currently have on your staff as an IT resource. Chances are, if you wanted them to work on projects to drive business forward and properly service the equipment in your office, you might find your current in-house resources aren’t enough. The simple answer would be hiring more IT staff, but this isn’t a reality for many companies.

Fortunately, there is an option that can fulfill all these needs and then some–a managed service provider. A good MSP will ensure that your infrastructure and software solutions are optimized to your needs, and maintain your security as well as your backup solution in case of emergency. With an MSP, you will never be short on support for your IT needs.

AZCOMP Technologies can be that MSP for you. Give us a call at 480-730-3055 to get started today!

Automating Payments in Medisoft

How to Automate Payments In Medisoft

Eliminate the headaches and save time by automating your Billing and Payment Systems with the new StoredPay and PlanPay!

In this segment from our Medisoft-U Training series, we will be reviewing how to use StoredPay and Planpay in Medisoft.


FREE Medisoft Training Webinars

This video is a short clip from one of our recent Medisoft U Live Webinars. These webinars are free to everyone and held monthly. You can subscribe to receive notifications by visiting this page.

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Technology Tip: Google Maps Parking Assistant

Google Maps is the Parking Assistant You Didn’t Know You Needed!

We’ve all been there before: you’re walking out into the parking lot, in a hurry to get somewhere, and cannot for the life of you remember where you parked. While this used to be a time-wasting problem for many, Google has added a feature to Google Maps that allows you to avoid the desperate race against the clock to get to your vehicle in time to get to your next destination.
Adding on to the parking availability feature that Google rolled out recently, you can now save the exact location of your parking space for future reference, taking notes or even pictures to better remind you where you left your vehicle.



To use this feature:

  • Open Maps on your mobile device
  • Tap the Blue Location Dot on the displayed map
  • Select Save your parking

Doing this will not only save your car’s current location, but will also remind you via your notification pane. As we mentioned before, it also allows you to snap some photos and jot down a few notes to help remind you of where your car is located. If your car is by a parking meter, you can even add a timed alert to make sure you don’t run over and wind up with a fine.

So, what do you think? Will this feature save you some time and stress?

Medisoft Support Tip: Windows Within Medisoft Not Opening Properly

What to do when windows in Medisoft are not properly opening

The Medisoft support department at AZCOMP Technologies typically resolves around 1000 unique support cases for hundreds of customers every month. A question we get frequently has to do with a Medisoft user not being able to find windows that are opened within the program.

For example, if a Medisoft user were to launch the Transaction Entry portion of the Medisoft program, the window for Transaction Entry would disappear, or the user couldn’t find it. Has something like this ever happened to you?

The problem is that the window was automatically “minimized” within Medisoft, making the open window difficult to find.

This is a very easy solution, and we decided to explain it with a quick video.

Watch the video:

We hope the video helps!

If you need Medisoft Support, please give us a call! We are the Medisoft experts!

Medisoft Support


You Need More Than A Power Strip

You Need More Than a Power Strip to Protect Your Company’s Computers, Server, and Other Equipment What would happen if you were in the middle of working at your computer, and the office suddenly lost power? Too many workers would find themselves staring blankly at an equally blank screen as their infrastructure suddenly goes dark. However, […]

Is Your IT Guy Holding You Prisoner?

Don’t Let Your IT Guy Hold You Prisoner

Here’s a question to think about: If your IT guy were to go away, would you know where all of your passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored? Do you know the process to log into your server? Do you know the passwords needed to access your employee’s workstations? Do you know where your offsite data is stored, and how to access it? Is your network documented so that another IT person could come in and pickup where it was left off? If not, your IT guy may be holding you prisoner.

If he’s doing his job well, you might not mind too much; however, you should require that they document your network in the event that they don’t show up for work one day.

Occasionally I’ve run across potential new clients who aren’t truly happy with their IT guy’s work, but stay with them out of fear. As one business owner to another, this is NEVER a good reason to stay with your current provider.

If you can’t trust the person with the most access and power over your computer network – the core of your business – you need to find someone you CAN trust. A truly professional person or provider would NEVER hold their client hostage or do any harm in handing over the “keys” to another company. In addition, any good IT Professional should be able to walk you through the transition to prevent that person from doing any damage.

How To Know If Your IT Is Doing A Good Job

Another reason business owners stay with their current IT solution, is simply because they don’t know what good service really is.  Time and time again, I’m absolutely SHOCKED by the incompetence and irresponsibility that I discover when auditing most business networks. In 98% of the computer networks I review, I find faulty or non-existent backup systems, security loopholes, half-helpful reporting, and broken or flawed systems that simply cost more to maintain.

Why do so many businesses pay for substandard computer support? Simply because they don’t know how to truly verify that their network IS secure and they end up having to take someone at their word.


Here’s a quick test to see if your IT guy is doing his job well. If your technician does not score a “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support

  1. Do they answer their phones “live” and respond to support issues in one hour or less?
  2. Are they remotely monitoring your network 24-7-365 to keep critical security settings, virus definitions, and security patches up to date?
  3. Do they INSIST on monitoring an offsite as well as an onsite backup, or are they letting you rely on outdated tape backups?
  4. Do they INSIST on doing periodic test restores of your backups to make sure the data is not corrupt and could be restored in the event of a disaster?
  5. Do they consistently (and proactively) offer innovative ways to improve your network’s performance, or do they wait until you have a problem to make recommendations?
  6. Do they explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms that you can understand (not geek-speak)?
  7. Do they complete projects on time and on budget, or does every project end up taking longer and costing more than you expected?
  8. Do they offer any guarantees on their services?
  9. Do they have other technicians on staff who are familiar with your network in case your regular technician goes on vacation or gets sick?
  10. Do their technicians maintain current vendor certifications and participate in ongoing training, or do you feel as though they are learning on your dime?
  11. Do you have to manage their progress on projects, or do they provide frequent updates, status reports, and follow-up calls and e-mails?
  12. Do they take calls from other clients while working on your network (and on your dime)?
  13. Do they offer flat-rate or fixed-fee project quotes, or do they give themselves an open playing field with “time and materials?”

If your current IT solution failed This test, we would like to give you a FREE Network Assessment to ensure things are done correctly!

If you’re NOT happy with your IT person and have a suspicion that they aren’t doing the best job possible, then call us for a second opinion. At no cost or obligation to you, we’ll come to your office and conduct a network assessment to look for problems with your backup, security, speed, and any other problems that could lead to data loss, downtime, and high repair fees.