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Lytec 2017 Hotfix 2

Hotfix 2 is Now Available for Lytec 2017

eMDs is proud to announce that Lytec 2017 Hotfix 2 is now available for download.

Lytec 2017 has been updated to validate chart numbers for patients during billing against the patient table instead of a list of allowed characters.

In addition, there were some issues resolved with the A/R Tracking, and Remote Desktop Usage.

To View the Full Lytec 2017 Hotfix 2 Release notes: Click Here

Download and Install Lytec 2017 Hotfix 2

If you are currently using Lytec 2017, we recommend you download and install the Hotfix, to correct these known issues. You can visit our downloads page by clicking the button below, or you can call if you need any help.

Shouldn’t the Cost of Lytec Include Training, Support, and Installation?

Lytec Monthly

Lytec Monthly™ is a low cost monthly plan that includes Lytec Software, PLUS- Installations, Unlimited Support, Training and More!


Important Update for Relay Health Customers

Relay Health Update

You may have received an announcement that looks something like this

RelayHealth has made some changes in their system that is affecting the ability to send claims and receive reports in Medisoft and Lytec. Our records indicate that you will need to perform an update to correct this issue in your system.

We have created a short video that will walk you through this process. In most cases this is a fairly easy fix. This typically takes about 5 minutes to complete.

In the video you will be directed to the following link: 
Click Here to Download Relay Update

If after following these instructions, you continue to run into any problems or issues, please reply back to this email.

Here is the link to the video:

Relay Health EMF

What does this mean?

Relay Health has updated some of their security settings. When this happens, it requires all users that send claims to Relay Health to update their settings in order to continue sending claims without interruption.

What do I need to do?

In order to avoid issues when sending claims / pulling down reports, this update will need to be performed on all workstations that access Revenue Management.

Due to the impact of this update, we will be offering assistance with the steps if you encounter any issues.

We have also included a tutorial video here on the blog as well as YouTube for the users that want to complete this update themselves.

If you currently send claims to Relay Health and have troubles completing the steps in the video, please call our support department at: 480.497.7480

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Lytec 2017 Pre-Release Sales Event

Lytec 2017 is now available for purchase!

Get more details on Lytec 2017 and all the features by visiting our site here.

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What is a Lytec Subscription?

Over the years our customers have asked us to sell Lytec as a subscription and bundled it together with valuable services such as installation and support. We’ve done just that with our Lytec Monthly™ package!

With Lytec Monthly™, you will always be on the most current version of Lytec, and you’ll also get professional installation, unlimited technical support, training and many more valuable services. With all of these items bundled together we’re able to offer you the lowest pricing available anywhere!

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Lytec 2017

Why Is Lytec 2017 the Best Choice for Your Practice?

Lytec has simply been the best tool available for independent practices to manage their schedule, their claims and their billing. Lytec 2017 is the best version of Lytec that has ever been made, and it has some exciting new features.

  • Accounts Receivable Tracking Tool

This tool offers the ability to drill down into your Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding amounts. New custom views that can be saved, each staff member can now have a different view that represents their work list for the day. You can filter the AR Tracking tool by many values in order to narrow the scope of your work to only the claims or statements that you are working on at the time.

  • Advanced ICD-10 Search Tool

This tool will help billers find the most specific code available, and quickly! The natural language query included allows Lytec users to search by code or description. The visual search function allows users to also click on anatomical diagrams.

  • Integrated Appointment Reminder System

Lytec now more tightly integrated AutoRemind service drastically reduces no-shows and has been proven to cost less and be more effective than making phone calls. With this service you can send automated appointment reminders to patients via secure emails, text messages or even via automated phone calls. Patients can confirm their appointments and the appointment status gets updated within Office Hours. Get more out of your program and help keep patients from missing their appointments with AutoRemind! *FREE 30 day trial! Additional Monthly Fees Apply.

Important Update for Change Healthcare


update red grunge vintage stamp isolated on white background

 Change Healthcare™ Update

(Formerly Emdeon)






You may have received an official announcement that looks something like this –

If you are using either Medisoft or Lytec Practice Management Software with Revenue Management, you are receiving this message because you are using an outdated communication connection with Change Healthcare.  This connection will be terminated on October 31, 2016.  Although we have been able to continue supporting this connection longer than expected our October 31 date is firm.




The IP address to which you are connecting must be changed to a URL and a new JAR file must be installed on your system.  Please contact your VAR for assistance.  If you are currently without a VAR please contact Change Healthcare and we will direct you to a VAR.”


What does this mean?

Change Healthcare™ has notified AZCOMP that there is a critical update that users of the clearinghouse need to add to their programs.  If you are using the Change Healthcare clearinghouse to submit your claims, all mailboxes will be required to be updated by November, 2016.  This means that you will no longer be able to upload or download any files (claim files & reports) from the clearing house using the old EMF past this deadline.


What Do I Need to do?

In order to avoid problems with your Change Healthcare account, this update will need to be performed on every work station that accesses Revenue Management.

Due to the nature of this update, we are offering assistance in this process at no charge.

We have also included this video here on our blog for the ‘tech savvy’ users that are wanting to attempt this update themselves.

If you are currently sending claims to Change Healthcare (Formerly known as Emdeon) and would like assistance with this update, please give us a call at 480-497-7480.

EMF Migration

Be sure to check out all our other  training/support videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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Don’t Let Your Patients Forget About You!

Are your patients forgetting who you are?

This is a little guide on how to help your patients not forget about the appointment they have with you and how to help them remember who you are later when they need your services again.

Minimizing no-shows

When a patient has an appointment with you and they no-show, or they cancel on the day of, this can have a big impact on your bottom-line. Either situation leaves you with no time to fill the appointment slot you now have open on your schedule.

When a patient leaves you with a hole in your schedule that means less revenue for you and means that your fixed costs have to spread out over fewer appointments. This will cause your cost per visit to increase.

If your average revenue per visit is $100, and you have 1 missed appointment per day, subtract out some holidays and a few vacation days and that could be about 240 missed appointments per year. The easy math says that is $24,000 in lost revenue per year.

Are you OK with that?

I’m sure you aren’t ok with that, and I’m sure that you are already trying to do something about it. However, you may be aware that both Medisoft and Lytec have a built-in tool to help you minimize the number of no-shows you may be currently experiencing. It is the easiest and most effective way to minimize no-shows.

What is the easy and effective way to minimize no-shows?

It is the easiest way when you are able to automate the appointment confirmation and reminder process.

When you are able to setup an appointment confirmation and reminder system that utilizes all forms of communication (text messaging, email, voice calls), and it does it automatically, that is the most effective way.

The tool that is built into Medisoft and Lytec is called Autoremind. It is an automated system that allows you to confirm appointments with the patient, and remind them of their confirmed appointments using text messaging, email and voice calls. You set up the system once, then you just go about your business of scheduling appointments and Autoremind does the rest.

AutoRemind is your best option for minimizing no-shows.

  • Save your staff from having to make endless number of phone calls during the day
  • Free up your staff to do other items within the practice that are more productive and better for your patients
  • Get appointments confirmed via text message, email or phone. You will be in a much better position of actually getting ahold of your patients.
  • When an appointment is scheduled in Medisoft or Lytec, the AutoRemind system takes over. You have no other steps to complete.
  • AutoRemind gives the patient the ability to confirm or reschedule appointments and your system is automatically updated. No extra steps on your part.
  • You will save time and money and your no-show rate will improve. All of these items are a boost to your bottom line.


Watch how AutoRemind has helped these practices. This could be just like you!

Keep Your Patients for the Long Haul

Once you have provided medical services to a patient, of course you hope that they are healthy forever, but if they ever need your services again, don’t you want the patient to think of you first?

Even if you delivered the best care they have ever had in their lives, if a period of time passes and they never hear your name again, the patient will probably forget about you!

Don’t Let Them Forget About You!

If you don’t want them to forget about you then you need to remind them of who you are and keep in touch with them.

There are a lot of different methods for keeping in touch with patients, and they are all pretty effective too. The challenge is finding the time and resources to make it happen.

Most of the traditional methods for keeping in touch with your patients would include things like this:

  • A newsletter
  • Birthday Cards
  • Reminders about annual checkups
  • Reminders about recommended follow up visits
  • Reminders about seasonal checkups
  • Educational messages
  • Health tips from the doctor
  • Advertisements about services or promotional messages


There are additional ways to remind a patient that you exist, but these are the foundational items. If you aren’t keeping in touch with your patients, then chances are the next time they need your services they will look elsewhere.

If you aren’t doing any of these things, it would be good to start doing them!

If you feel that any of these items would be something good for your practice to try, then you should!

Luckily for you, AutoRemind is built into your software and will help you stay top of mind with your patients.

AutoRemind will help you stay in touch with your patients.

In addition to the appointment reminder portion of AutoRemind, you can use AutoRemind to help you keep in contact with your patients. Since AutoRemind is integrated with Medisoft and Lytec, AutoRemind is very simple to use for things such as birthday greetings, newsletters, reminders, health tips, annual services, promotional messaging and more!

To find out more about how AutoRemind can help with staying in touch with your patients, download this information sheet.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial Today!

You can try before you buy! Visit our website today to sign up for a 30 day free trial of any or all of the AutoRemind services.

Zero out of pocket cost. No Contract. No risk. Just give it a try.

If you have questions or would like more explanation of the services, please give us a call at 480-730-3055.



How to Automatically Send Statements & Get Paid Online Using Lytec

“I am embarrassed to think of how we used to send out our statements. We would spend days manually mailing them out!”

Yep- that is what a customer recently told us once they started using Lytec’s statement and payment tool.

This customer, like most of you, would manually print, fold, stuff, seal, stamp, and mail out hundreds of statements. Because it was such a manual process that took way too long, she would often push it off only doing it once a month (I don’t blame her, who has time for that?!).

Finally she came to her senses and realized that this is 2016 and there had to be a better way. She was right- but not only was there a better way to send it- it even cost less! Yes, you read that right! There is a simpler, faster, easier, and cheaper way to send statements than manually doing it yourself. It is a tool called Bill Flash and it is already integrated into Lytec!

Check out this video to see how it works inside of Lytec:

Besides being a huge time reliever, there are a few cool benefits that some of our customers have been pleasantly surprised about after using Lytecs’ Patient Statement Tool:

  • Patients are more likely to pay– One of our customers excitedly told us that her collection rate went up 60%! This could be for a couple of reasons:
    • Patients get their bills quicker- they actually remember the appointment and are more likely to pay the sooner they get their bill!
    • The statements look professional & are easy to understand- people like to know what they are paying for and that it is legit!
    • Patients can pay online- what is simpler than getting an email or mailed statement and paying for it right then online!
    • Return Envelopes Included- for those that still like to get an actual statement in the mail, the return envelope is included and makes it very easy. One of our customers told us how she loves getting the mail now and seeing all the blue envelopes!


We could go on and on about the benefits of BillFlash and tell you how much our customers love it- or you could trial it for FREE! So, just do yourself a favor and get started on your FREE trial!

BillFlash 30 day free trial

How To Fix Medicare Secondary Claims Rejections

How To Fix Medicare Secondary Claims Rejections 

Claims got ya’ feelin’ Coo-Coo? We can help!      Image via Google.

If you have been experiencing any rejections on claims sent, specific to Medicare showing as your secondary source of insurance for a patient, we are confident this blog post can help!

First and foremost, Medicare is typically for the elderly, so most patients will have this insurance as their primary insurance carrier. It is rare for claims to show Medicare Insurance as secondary, mostly being flagged by insurances to say, “hey, why is this showing as secondary and not primary?!”

We have a solution for you: When you are working within Medisoft, to correct these claims that may be rejected, there is a specific drop down box for this instance when maybe the patient is still of working age or disabled and does not have Medicare as their primary insurance carrier. If you are sending Medicare secondary claims, there is additional information that must be filled out, and we will show you how!

Getting started:

Common errors will show something like, “Medicare needs the identity of the primary payor” or “CO-16 error” on your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

You need to make sure on all these electronic Medicare secondary claims that you have a Medicare Secondary Payor Type or more commonly known as MSP Type Code.

A complete list of these codes can be found here!

There are entered on the same page as the Medicare information when it’s entered as secondary in your Medisoft program.

Let’s see how it’s done:

This drop down list of these codes is found in the case and is always required if Medicare is the secondary insurance on a claim.  That is the only time these codes are needed and will appear for selection.

Now, If the drop down list is grayed out and won’t let you select from it, that means the Medicare insurance code is not setup as a Medicare insurance type.  It has to be a Medicare insurance type.

screenshot two

Let us know how this worked for you! Give us a call or leave a comment!

Need even more help? We are here for you!


Windows 10 Support Is Now Available For Medisoft & Lytec

Windows 10 Medisoft

You Can Now Upgrade to Windows 10

In a recent announcement, e-MD’s stated that Windows 10 support is now available for Medisoft and Lytec users.

Using Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD? You Still Need To Hold Off

Within the same announcement, e-MD’s stated that they currently do not support Windows 10 for Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD products. They continue to test but do not have a date for when support will be available.

Medisoft v20 Hotfix for Freezing on Startup

There is an intermittent issue with Medisoft v20 freezing on startup with some Windows 10 devices. When you upgrade to Windows 10, if you experience this problem you can download and install the Medisoft v20 Hotfix to resolve the issue.

Click here to go to our Medisoft downloads page to get the hotfix.

Need Medisoft or Lytec Help?

Become an AZCOMP Platinum Member and get UNLIMITED support for Medisoft or Lytec. Plans start as low as $99 per month for unlimited support. Learn more about our phenomenal support and service at our website here.

Windows 10 Medisoft

Encoder Pro Update Now Available

Encoder Pro for Medisoft or Lytec

New Updated Version of Encoder Pro Now Available

There is a new version available of Encoder Pro for Medisoft v20 and Encoder Pro for Lytec 2015. If you have already purchased Encoder Pro, this is a FREE update for you to install over the top of your current version. Just download the program and install.

To get the update, visit our website.

[one_half]Download and install Medisoft Encoder Pro 7.7.2 ISO from our website here.[/one_half] [one_half_last]Download and install Lytec Encoder Pro 7.7.2 ISO from our website here.[/one_half_last]

Have you purchased Encoder Pro? What are you waiting for?

If you have not purchased Encoder Pro yet, here is your chance! Get the most recent Encoder Pro for your practice and streamline the process of searching all codes and seamlessly add them to your program (for Medisoft or Lytec).

Check out this quick video on what Medisoft Encoder Pro is all about.

(Fast forward in the video to the 10:35 mark for the Encoder Pro content)

Check out this quick video on what Lytec Encoder Pro is all about.

(Fast forward in the video to the 15:55 mark for the Encoder Pro content)

Get Encoder Pro To Add Your New ICD-10 Codes

You can now purchase Medisoft Encoder Pro online! Go to our online store to puchase now.

For Lytec users, you can purchase Lytec Encoder Pro by calling our office at (888) 799-4777.