Award Winning Corn

I want to share a story that I recently came across about a corn farmer. There was a farmer who grew excellent quality corn. Each and every year, he won the award for the best grown corn. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it. The reporter […]

What Is Medisoft Monthly™?

Medisoft Monthly

Thanks for the Idea!

We’d like to take credit for Medisoft Monthly, but the truth is it was the idea of our awesome customers

We kept hearing the same complaints suggestions from our customers and we decided we needed to change some things. So we did! We came up with the idea of Medisoft Monthly based off of all the suggestions we’ve heard over the years and we couldn’t be happier with how much our customers are LOVING IT!

By far our happiest customers are those that are on Medisoft Monthly™.

What is Medisoft Monthly?What is Medisoft Monthly?

Medisoft Monthly is so simple and switching couldn’t be any easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 or visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website to learn more.

What Some of our Customers Are Saying

“AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to young technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!”

– Lila Evans

“My doctor has been with AZCOMP for years and they have proven to be very helpful. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they always take care of my issues.”

– Roe Lacasse

Learn More About Medisoft Monthly™

Making the switch to Medisoft Monthly couldn’t be easier. Give us a call at (888) 799-4777 to speak with a product specialist and get all the details. Or, you can visit our Medisoft Monthly™ website for more information.

Medisoft Monthly - Finally!

Video Transcript:

We can’t tell you how many customers buy Medisoft and think the installation and training should be included because everyone needs both of those, right? We’ve also heard countless times that having to upgrade every single year is a pain and it’d be nice to just always get the new features as they’re released.

We came up with Medisoft monthly. What is Medisoft monthly you ask. It’s a low-cost monthly plan for Medisoft users.

It, of course, includes Medisoft; you’re going to get the current version and all future versions, plus we’re going to do the installs for you. They’re going to be done quick and they’re going to be done right. You also get support, so you can call in anytime and get help fast instead of tinkering around and wasting time trying to figure it out. Training, you’ll have access to tons of training videos. There is, of course, basic training for newbies to get started, but there’s even more advanced training for those who are already comfortable with the software and want to be super-efficient. We’re also including secure backup because, yes, everyone should be backing up and doing it properly.

There are even more extra perks. Medisoft monthly is pretty awesome.

I know what you’re thinking, that’s going to be way too expensive, but customers on Medisoft monthly actually end up paying less. Instead of large sporadic lump sums, they have a consistent small amount, and because we can bundle stuff the cost is so much lower. Medisoft monthly customers are by far the happiest customers we have, so go ahead and make the switch to Medisoft monthly. You won’t regret it.

Don’t Buy Medisoft Upgrades Ever Again!

Yes, you heard us right, you don’t ever have to buy a Medisoft upgrade again!

Don’t buy Medisoft when you could get so much more with a Medisoft Monthly™ subscription!

After selling Medisoft to over 10,000 different businesses over the past few decades, we have learned that Medisoft users are much happier and productive with the software when they have all of the latest features, and are utilizing a combination of valuable products and services. In order to get all of these products and services at the best possible price, we’ve packaged it all together in a low monthly subscription called Medisoft Monthly™.

What is Medisoft Monthly™?

Medisoft Monthly™ is a product offered exclusively by AZCOMP Technologies that was designed to eliminate surprises and give you a total peace of mind solution. It is a low cost monthly plan that includes a subscription to Medisoft along with several other critical products and services to give you the best experience and to help you get the most out of Medisoft.

Why Do I Want Medisoft Monthly™?

medisoft monthly hands down

“AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. is by far the most expert and expedient technological medical support company that I have ever worked with! They are responsive, patient and quite generous and encouraging with their time and emotional assistance. The technicians are especially sensitive to the fact that they are often working with older Providers of Service as opposed to you technologically astute Office Managers and they always make sure that you are both comfortable and confident in the approach they use to teach us all the new tools and techniques that are available in the software programs! I am so impressed with their entire staff!” – Lila Evans (a Medisoft Monthly™ subscriber)

Predictable & Low Monthly Cost

You don’t have to pay a large lump sum, or sporadic support charges. Instead you’ll spread out cost to a consistent low monthly fee. Your budget will love it!

Empowered Employees

Employees have the freedom of calling in as soon as they need help! Instead of wasting time trying to figure it out themselves, or letting a small problem fester until it disrupts cash flow because they don’t want to have to ask permission – employees get issues resolved quickly with instant access to our phenomenal support team. That means less stress, less wasted time, less disruption to your business, and you save money!

Well Trained Software Users

You’re going to have access to hundreds of professional training videos, training webinars, and even a some one-on-one training*. So not only will new employees be effectively trained, but existing employees will become masters of Medisoft. You won’t be one of those practices “getting by” just barely knowing the basics of the software.

*One-on-One Training is Included in Advanced and Network Pro Packages Only

No “Nickel & Diming”

Now you can call in and not have to worry about getting charged for this or that! It’s simple, you pay each month and now have unlimited support, installations are covered, you have access to a variety of training and many other products and services (all without having to fork over extra cash!).

Bundle & Save

When you buy from us you’re now our partner. You’ve committed to us and we’re committed to ensuring that you have a phenomenal experience with your product at the best value. Customers on our monthly subscription are happiest & always end up paying less.

You Will Always Be On the Most Current Version of Medisoft

When you subscribe to Medisoft Monthly™, you own Medisoft but you’ll never have to buy it again! You will always be on the most current version and you’ll have the leading Medisoft VAR at your service for all of your needs.

Pricing depends on which model (Basic / Advanced / Network Professional) of Medisoft you subscribe to and the number of user licenses you need. Call today to learn more details and to start your subscription! Or, visit our website here to get more details.

Medisoft Monthly - Finally!

Important Information Regarding Your Medisoft Software and Windows 10

Important Information Regarding Your Medisoft Software and Windows 10

We want to remind you of some important information regarding your software if you are not on the latest Medisoft version!

Stop feeling confused! We’ve got the answers. (Image Via Google.)

We Want To Help!

Medisoft Version 19 and below IS NOT supported by eMD, if you upgrade your workstations to Windows 10.

Medisoft Version 19 and 18, however, will still work with Windows 8.

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 on your workstation(s), you must be on Medisoft Version 20, in order for Medisoft to work.

Need more help?

More information on Medisoft Version 20 and how to upgrade can be found here!

If you are already on Medisoft Version 20, check out this blog post that offers a hotfix for when Medisoft is freezing on startup, by clicked here!

We hope this blog post was helpful for you! Leave us a comment or give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.

Tiny Homes, Big Hearts

Fulfilling A Vision to Deliver Phenomenal & Care About the One

I have a good friend of mine that makes a Christmas video every year of his family, sending this out instead of a Christmas card. He got the idea from my brother, Jared, who has done it for the past decade.  This year, he stepped it up a notch and did something above and beyond for someone else………He and his family built a home and gave it to someone who needed it! 

The Vision:

Behind the scenes, he shared with me that he struggled with what to do for this year for his family video, because he wanted to do more then just make a fun video.  He wanted to do something for someone that would make a major impact. 

He had the impression to build a small house.  He tried ignoring it because he has no clue how to do it but, the impression kept coming. 

Googling the plans on the internet, he started building.  Keep in mind, he does cement work for a living and pretty much just knows cement. 

The Kicker:

You’d think this guy was loaded or did pretty good financially, but the real truth is, he isn’t.  In fact, he barely makes it by financially, and with 5 kids, he rarely has any free time.  Yet somehow, he was able to pull off this great miracle for this family. 

What makes this story amazing, is that he didn’t even have enough funds to build it but, he started anyways.  Others heard of what he was doing and freely donated the needed materials, without him even asking for them.  He spent 2 months just about every night working on this home. 

Here is the video of him and his family building it:

Getting Started! Image via Youtube.


And, Here is the video of them delivering the home to the family in need:

The finished product! Image via Youtube.

 So, the next time you wonder if you can make a difference for someone else, think of Micah.

No skill, no money, no time, but with God, all things are possible!

Giving Back | The Power of Community Involvement

The Power of Community Involvement


Are you looking for a way to improve morale with your staff at your practice? Are you looking for a way to give back to the community? Are you interested in creating an atmosphere within your office where your staff trusts each other and they feel a little bit like a family with each other?

If you are looking for any of this, then doing a little volunteer work as a company might be just the way to achieve all of that and more!

Giving back…

Many benefits can be found in companies that encourage their employees to be involved in the community, and when you do volunteer work together as a company. Organizing volunteer activities for your staff (or letting your staff organize service opportunities for the company) will bring your staff closer together.

It will make them feel good about themselves. It is a great way to help your staff get to know each other, and a much better way than meeting after work for drinks. It will help your staff feel fulfilled. When you put staff or employee’s in charge of figuring out and planning for community volunteer work it gives employees an opportunity to lead when they might not get that every day at work.

This involvement can also distinguish you from the competitors. By giving back, it will truly help to show your clients that what you’re doing, aside from your career, is making the world a better place.

AZCOMP Technologies is working to build relationships with organizations in our community. We have encouraged the employees to get on board and be involved with periodic community service events. Collaboration and inspiration are two areas that are developed when your employees have an avenue to give back.

Our community service team has developed an annual volunteer plan to stay involved. Our first community service event of the year took place on March 24th & 25th, 2016 at Paz De Cristo Community Center in Mesa, AZ.

Some of the AZCOMP team volunteered two days, after business hours, to serve 300+ dinners, each night.

Benjamin preparing food in the kitchen prior to meal service!

“It was an absolute honor to be a part of such a special cause…” – Benjamin


"Serving with co-workers is AWESOME!" - Keven

“Serving with co-workers is AWESOME!” – Keven

Paz De Cristo’s mission is to “Feed, Clothe and Empower those in need.”

Erica Cluff, one of AZCOMP’s Product Advisors said, “The whole experience was humbling. Watching children come through the line to get their dinner, as a mom of two boys, it made me realize, at the end of the day, my life & my stresses are nothing in comparison. Everyone was so thankful and Paz De Cristo was so organized. The full time workers there and the additional volunteers ran it all so well.”

To add to that, Benjamin Williams, one of our favorite IT techs said, “…It was amazing to see everyone’s face light up with just a simple meal – it reminds me of how blessed and fortunate we all are…,”

Erica also mentioned how this applies to one of the core values we have here, “We talk about a core value at AZCOMP which is, “We Care About The One” and it’s important to reflect that not only in our job, but in our personal life as well.”

Erica, showing off her service industry skills...

Erica, showing off her service industry skills…


Russ & NaTasha during food service.

Russ & NaTasha during food service.

“The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it…” – Mother Teresa

If you are looking for a simple way to bring your staff closer together and create a sense of unity within the office, a little service project might be just the ticket for your office!

If you want to learn more about how we are organizing this within our company, feel free to give us a call and ask to speak with our “community service manager”!

e-MDs Acquisition of McKesson Software Assets

e-MDs acquisition of McKesson software assets includes Practice Choice™, Medisoft®, Medisoft Clinical®, Lytec®, and Lytec MD®.

What’s happening around the corner with AZCOMP?! Image via Google.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now that e-MDs has acquired Medisoft®, Lytec®, Practice Choice™, Medisoft Clinical® and Lytec MD®.

There is a lot of speculation within the industry about what this means. Today we wanted to give you the straight talk and we’ll try to contain our excitement in the process.

When we first learned about this news we were of course caught off guard and didn’t know what to think. But once we learned who e-MDs is and what they’re trying to accomplish, we’ve been as excited as anyone can get about medical software.

This is really good news and you should be excited about it! We want to help you understand why.

good news

How is This Good News?

In talking and meeting with the e-MDs leadership team, we believe that they are the right business at the right time to acquire these McKesson products.

It has been no secret that McKesson was not a good fit for Medisoft and Lytec for many reasons, not the least of which was that they were only a very small piece of a very large corporation. As a result, Medisoft and Lytec struggled to get the needed resources and attention. e-MDs is quite the opposite of McKesson.

Nine Reasons to be Excited:

  1. Fortune 11: Being a Fortune 11 company, McKesson’s umbrella provided stability and financial strength, however, publicly traded companies come with red tape and McKesson was no exception. We often felt we were on a slow moving ship and it hindered the progress of the software.
  2. Tiny fish in the Huge Ocean: Medisoft and Lytec are big names in small practices, but in reality, this was only a tiny fraction of McKesson’s overall business. McKesson has given our products (your products) just a tiny fraction of their time and attention.
  3. Out of Touch: It often felt like McKesson was out of touch with understanding small business and the needs of a small practice, unlike e-MDs, who is not an exorbitantly large, publicly traded company and has a much better pulse on the needs of a small practice.
  4. Commitment to Small to Mid-Sized Practices: e-MDs focus is very narrow, working with only small to mid-sized practices. All of the products and services they provide are for this market. All of their energy and effort and resources are 100% dedicated to this market.
  5. Clear Understanding of Independent Practices: Starting in a small provider practice, e-MDs understands the unique challenges you face and are focused on providing solutions for you to remain independent and thrive.
  6. Smaller is Better: Much more attention can be given to our products, and e-MDs can move faster through fewer layers of management, allowing them to make quick decisions and improvements on our products.
  7. A Plan for Growth: As some of the biggest names in practice management software were frankly being neglected under McKesson, e-MDs saw an opportunity to grow their own reach in the small practice marketspace, in turn giving resources and money to grow our products and maintain existing clients (you)!
  8. Commitment to Keeping & Improving the Products: e-MDs didn’t just buy the product names and a customer database, they substantially grew their business by expanding their sales force through the VAR network that is already in place, and they acquired ALL of the developers, account managers and support technicians. This means the people that know your products and what you need are still here for you! We also feel like this shows their commitment to keeping and improving the products.
  9. Product enhancements: e-MDs knows that there are many thousands of loyal Medisoft and Lytec users that love those products and they aren’t interested in losing you! In fact, their goal is to provide enhancements to the products and new opportunities that will strengthen your business so that you will be with us for years to come!

Learn more about e-MDs

Dereck Pickell is the CEO of e-MDs and we’d like to share some of his thoughts he shared with us.

“e-MDs remains steadfast in our commitment to our VAR partners and to the customers you and we support. We are here to help stabilize and retain your customers with the next phase in their healthcare evolution. We continue to support the product lines, and are working hard to identify and deliver enhancements and solutions our customers will want to buy. ”

“We have a 20 year history in the ambulatory healthcare space with a proven track record of long-term consistency and excellence. Your client-base, small to medium-sized practices, is our primary target market. Our company was founded by a family physician and we continue to be guided by physicians, giving us a unique understanding of your customer’s challenges.”

To learn more about e-MDs and what they are saying, stay in the loop by checking out their recent press release.

We want to keep you in the loop! Image via Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that news like this could cause some concerns for you and your practice. Here is a quick FAQ to ease some of your potential concerns.

Question: Is my practice going to be required to switch to any of the e-MDs products?
Answer: No. There is no intent to migrate the existing users of the McKesson products over to any of the e-MDs products.

Question: Is my software going to be sunset, or cancelled, or discontinued?
Answer: No. There is no intent to sunset or cancel or discontinue any of the McKesson products that were purchased as part of this acquisition. In fact, e-MDs has made this purchase as an investment, which means that they plan to make the products better and more user friendly. Currently, there are product enhancement scheduled to be released within the next month, and new product versions expected to be released later this year. Their plan is to make our products better and to add new customers to them.

Question: Do I have to find new software?
Answer: No. We have met with ownership and management of e-MDs and they have no plans to cut or discontinue any of the products they acquired.

Question: Will AZCOMP continue to support us and our software?
Answer: Yes! As part of the acquisition, AZCOMP has moved over with them. As far as we are concerned, nothing has changed. Honestly, we are very excited about this move as well. We feel really good about the prospects of seeing good improvements to Medisoft and the other products.

Question: How does this affect our practice or billing service?
Answer: Right now there is no change so there is no impact to you. We do feel that this move will affect your practice in a positive way in the future simply because e-MDs is planning to invest more resources into the products than McKesson ever would have. So we hope that you share in our excitement for the future.

More questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us! We would love to chat with you and get your feedback and hear your concerns. Call us at 480.730.3055 and ask to speak with one of our managers at any time.

Announcing New Medisoft U Training Webinar Series

Join Us For FREE Medisoft U Training Webinars – Held Monthly.

Live Monthly Medisoft Training Webinars

Could you use some Medisoft tips & tricks?

Do you feel like you are only using 10% of the program?

Do you wonder if there are features in Medisoft you might be missing but don’t know where to look?

Do you wish you knew some shortcuts or were able to get some professional tips?

No matter how long you’ve been using the program, everyone could benefit from a little extra training. If you feel like your life might be better if you were more efficient and productive in Medisoft then you need to join us for some FREE Medisoft U monthly training webinars.

We have the best Medisoft trainers on the planet, period. Our customers are always telling us how good of a job we do helping to make things simple to understand and easy to remember. (Be sure to check out our customer testimonials at the bottom of this page or the 1000’s of testimonials on our ‘Raving Fans’ page.)

So if you are looking for top notch training from the best training staff then you don’t need to look any further.

Go now to our Medisoft U Webinar Registration page to get more information about what we are up to, and to register for notifications!

If you have any questions then be sure to visit our webinar registration page or give us a call at 480.730.3055.

FREE Medisoft training webinars

Fly Me To The Moon

moon landing new york times

In a visit to NASA in 1962, President John F. Kennedy approached a man carrying a broom during his tour and said, “Hi, I’m Jack Kennedy. What are you doing?”

The man in the NASA issued uniform was only a humble janitor, but he responded, “Well, Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

From the perspective of most people, this man was just a janitor, there to sweep the floor and clean bathrooms. But this janitor had a bigger purpose. He was there to help put a man on the moon.

No matter how large or small your role, make a contribution to the bigger picture.

I’m an all or nothing kind of person. If I’m going to do something, I’m going all out. That applies to nearly everything in my life, whether taking my wife out on a date, going on a vacation, doing my work, or learning something new.

When I was a kid, my dad and I were fascinated by computers. My dad is an entrepreneur, so what started as something we were almost obsessively intrigued by quickly turned into a business venture for the two of us.

At 14, I was working with my dad delivering, installing, and repairing computers. We knew everything about these machines from the inside out, and while we were hard at work building custom computers for our customers, Dell was bringing the standard PC to people everywhere.

The custom built computer business just wouldn’t survive, so I started to learn more about the software as well as networking and other aspects of computers to branch out.

After serving a mission to Spokane, Washington at 19, I went back to working on computers and a little later started up with Medisoft (still keeping up with my own venture on the side). I was a quick study and became a good support technician for Medisoft. But, it was easy to see that I didn’t enjoy working for someone else. Like my father, I wanted to be my own boss so I could treat clients the way I knew they deserved to be treated.

While being a support rep gave me an inside look into how I wanted to work, it also connected me with what I wanted to do. Doctors are great at being doctors, and they should be since I’m entrusting life and limb to them! And yet, we really shouldn’t expect them to also be billing experts, computer wizards, and software Einstein’s.

When it comes to small and independent practices that is certainly the expectation though.

Most independent practices don’t have a large enough staff or enough resources to keep a full-time computer guy on staff, and an expert biller, and someone who knows all the intricacies of Medisoft and how to troubleshoot any problems, and someone who can research all of the latest and greatest tools available to them, and who can also keep up to date on all the new regulations and industry changes.

Because of this, all too often a simple misunderstanding leads to a whole host of practitioners wasting their time trying to be the expert of the technology world, which makes patient care less intuitive and more complicated than it needs to be.

So, with a dealer partnership through Medisoft, AZCOMP was born in a 250-square-foot room in the back of my dad’s insurance office. We had one goal: to allow our clients to do what they’re good at (be a doctor) while we dealt with the minutia of what we’re good at (computers).

Operating as a turn-key technology service for physicians everywhere, we’re living that dream! These days, we’re well beyond those 250 square feet and are serving close to 10,000 offices, most of those are repeat clients.

Does AZCOMP help doctors be better doctors?

Here is the point: We know we aren’t doctors and don’t even know the first thing about being one, but we do know technology for independent practices.

We know that when we are able to work on your software, train your staff, and manage your computers and network, that is our contribution to helping deliver better patient care. We also know we play a small role in healthcare, but we are also excited when we can partner with a provider to help make their technology world a little easier.

No matter how big or small your role, when you contribute to the bigger story within your life, or your business or organization, it is exciting and incredible things can happen.


Not Wanted: Know-it-all Corporate Lackies Who Love Titles & Love To Wait For Direction

AZCOMP Technologies is looking for the following person to make an impact in our company and for our customers. If you are this person, awesome. If not, do you know this person? If you know this person, forward this post to them so we can chat with them.

Even if you aren’t this person but are curious of who we are at AZCOMP and what type of person we are looking for, then read on…

Technical Support Jedi for EMR/Medical Software

Great! You found and are reading our job posting. This is a great opportunity for the right person who is dynamic, fun loving, and hard working to join our marvelous team. If you are the right person for the job, fantastic. Please read on.


We are looking for a technical support “Jedi” to provide technical assistance to our customers as they use their medical based software (EMR, Practice Management). In short, you resolve problems.  The more problems you resolve, the better our customers, the Doctors of the country, can provide care for their patients. In all reality, you impact people’s lives.

We are looking for the right person to have:

  • A passion and determination to get the job done
  • A likeable, fun, and hard-working personality
  • An Ability to change and adapt – seriously, things move quick around here
  • A desire to help customers and deliver phenomenal service
  • A love for technology
  • A need to work for a company with a real purpose behind them

The wrong person will possess:

  • A know-it-all attitude
  • The ability to always wait for direction
  • A love for corporate structure
  • A desire for mid-level management
  • A smart phone with no apps installed

In turn, we will provide:

  • A great place to work
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Awesome coworkers
  • Competitive compensation
  • Stability
  • Medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k



Business is booming for us. Really, it’s busy – and we like it that way. We keep on our toes. Get ready to change and evolve as we strive to be cutting edge and take advantage of new technologies. This position is ever developing, changing, and advancing like the technologies we implement for our customers.

Get ready to learn a ton! We provide and support EMR and Patient Accounting software to medical offices. We service hundreds of medical offices not only here in AZ, but around the country. We feel that the work we do in keeping their technology humming along helps empower them to deliver better care for their patients. Our customers range from very small (5 employees) to medium (50 employees) with multiple branch offices. The environments range in complexity. This position is responsible for resolving technical support issues with the medical software, troubleshooting issues, and communicating with customers. In short, we are responsible for keeping our end client’s systems running so they can help their patients. We keep things hopping around here.


  • Personal core values similar to ours (see below).
  • Organized, detail oriented and self-motivated.
  • Talk nerdy to me–er, all of us. Know your stuff and talk about it confidently, accurately, and honestly.
  • Provide and maintain detailed documentation on each job.
  • Ability to rock the mic like a vandal. Okay, maybe not rap, but you do have to be able to communicate extremely well – both in voice and written. Talk geek to us, we love it, just not the customer.
  • Ability to remain in contact with the client thru the completion of the incident.
  • Problem-solving abilities and ability to meet reasonable deadlines.
  • Be detail-oriented. Know how to soar at 30,000 feet but also be comfortable diving into the details and getting those hands dirty.
  • Willingness to develop professionally – we goin’ places.
  • Love to laugh. If you take yourself too seriously, then avert your eyes from this description now. That being said, you should absolutely take your job seriously.
  • Oh yeah, and a desire to contribute to an awesome team and culture.
  • Live for technology – seriously, you read technology blogs for fun. We want someone who has passion for technology and wants to use it to better our customers and this company.
  • Be organized, ahead of schedule, communicative, accountable–in short, own your role entirely, while being open to critiques, suggestions, and new ideas.
  • Play really nice with others. We’re a tight-knit, highly collaborative team, and we keep it that way.
  • Experience in technical support is preferred, but not required.
  • General knowledge of Microsoft based software.
  • Medical/EMR software knowledge is preferred, but not required.
  • Experience with Medisoft, Lytec, or McKesson is huge plus.


  • Job opening is available immediately
  • Office is located in Gilbert (Cooper & Elliot)
  • Full time position
  • Entry to medium level. Pay starts at $12-$17/hour DOE



  1. Take this test & send us your scores to
  2. When you email us, let us know the real name of Jack Bauer
  3. If you want to include a resume, fine. Can’t guarantee it will be read. Rather, send 3 results you have created in your life – 3 things you made happen you are proudest of.



AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in healthcare software and IT for over 12 years. An exciting, innovative company, AZCOMP is renowned for providing a level of service that is unparalleled amongst our competitors. Our dynamic team strives to enhance the customer’s sales, training, and support experience, and is driven to be the best. We are a successful company with solid group of team members that like to laugh and have fun while being successful. We have a great company culture – 30 employees – fun and appreciative boss and coworkers. We have a great balance of personalities so everyone gets along- no office drama! Benefits include medical and dental coverage, paid holidays, paid vacation, paid sick days, 401k.
Since AZCOMP’S inception we have had one ambition- to provide the very best to the people we are so privileged to work with. From the products we choose to endorse, to the employees we hire, to the services we provide- our commitment to provide the best affects every decision we make.

In the late 1960’s a few exec’s at NASA we’re giving a private tour of the facility. While passing a janitor, someone from the tour asked what he did for NASA and the janitor’s response was, “I helped get a man on the moon!” That janitor had a clear understanding that the role he played was part of a much bigger mission. With that same understanding, AZCOMP is not just interested in a support tech. We want someone who is as passionate as we are in helping us empower small medical practices to deliver the best care!

Our Promise to our Customers:
We can’t promise that hardware won’t fail, that software will always function properly, or that we will always be perfect. But we can promise you that we always put measures in place to help minimize your risks. And in the event that something goes wrong, that you can count on us to rise to the occasion, take responsibility, and do everything in our power to either fix it, or deliver an acceptable solution.

AZCOMP Core Values :
1. We deliver PHENOMENAL
2. We work hard, play hard
3. We care about the One
4. We check our egos at the door
5. We chase Mavericks — (We believe challenges are opportunities)
6. We exercise real communication — (Leave the drama with your mama)
7. We do the right thing
8. We surf Jaws — (We innovate and improve)
9. We get our Jack Bauer on! — (We bring Passion and Determination)