managed IT services helps small businesses reach their goals

Case Study: Managed IT Services Helps Reliability of Phoenix Small Businesses

Smaller businesses don’t need to spend big money or hire big names to make improvements to their tech reliability. Managed IT services are changing the game for small business, and the future is bright for local business owners who are getting on board with modern IT management. 

managed IT services helps small businesses

Small Businesses Depend on Big Business Tech Solutions

Most businesses both small and large are now almost completely dependent on technology to handle their operations. Businesses need reliable tech so they can function uninterrupted day in and day out. Even the slightest hiccups or issues can cause big problems for employees and prevent them from getting their jobs done. If there are any issues in technical reliability, it can have costly consequences for the business.

Today’s typical small business uses a variety of technology-based tools. It’s safe to say many small businesses are completely dependent on technology to run their operations. The average business uses desktop computers, touch screen laptops, iPads, mobile phones, and virtual/on-site servers. Then there’s internet access, email servers, website tools, software programs, cloud-based storage, internet-based office phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless printers, and smart devices like TVs and thermostats. 

That is just getting started on the list of technology tools that small businesses need to survive. And, by the way, all this technology needs to work seamlessly for employees whether they are in the office, on the road, at their home, or anywhere in the world. 

Heavy Reliance on Complex Technology

So, while small business owners are juggling a hundred things at once, who is actually managing all the tech? It can be a daunting task for any business leader or manager to keep everything straight and in sync. At the end of the day, small businesses need support to keep all the tech functioning the way it is intended to. 

Optimal technology powers small business employees to do their jobs uninterrupted, and your business can move digital mountains with the right tech systems. Unfortunately, many small businesses face the same problem. If you’re so dependent on your technology system then when any aspect of it isn’t working quite right, it will causes major frustration and disruption to your workflow. In the worst-case scenarios, tech troubles leave your customers with the short end of the stick.

If you have a small business with anywhere from 1 to 200 employees, you could benefit from professional IT services. Managed IT support keeps your technology organized and running optimally, which increases productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. But finding professional IT help that doesn’t break your small business budget can be challenging as a small business.

Outsourced Managed IT Services Will Help Improve the Reliability of Your Small Business

If you’re looking for professional IT support, AZCOMP has the answer. Outsourcing your IT needs to AZCOMP opens exciting new opportunities for you as a small business owner. 

Here are just a few reasons you should consider AZCOMP IT Solutions for your business.

  1. Managed IT services set your business up for success. We make your small business feel like it can compete with any big corporation thanks to first-class IT services. We provide a full range of IT solutions, tech support, consulting, projects, management and security solutions, all priced appropriately for the size of your business.
  2. Managed IT services offload the burden of IT management from your staff to an outsourced group of experts who do it best. Imagine how nice it would be if you or your business manager didn’t have to worry about day-to-day IT issues. Instead, you just have a monthly meeting with your outsourced IT consultant and exchange some emails during the month.
  3. Managed IT services empower all your employees to get the tech help they need in the quickest way possible.
  4. Managed IT services enable business conversations with a small business IT professional about upgrading and improving your tech to best match your operations.
  5. Managed IT services allow for predictable IT costs and budgets for the future.

Our services go beyond just giving you good tech. We want to help you be more productive, improve operations, get ahead of the competition, experience reliable tech help, and remove barriers so your business can move forward.

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Case Studies From Phoenix Small Businesses

We know how important every decision is as a small business owner. It helps to have real-life examples to base your decisions on. AZCOMP IT Solutions has helped many struggling businesses conquer their technology challenges, so let’s take a look at several small businesses and see how our services made a difference.

Case Study 1 — An OBGYN Clinic in Gilbert, AZ

Lily of the Valley is an OBGYN clinic in Gilbert, AZ, that contacted us in the middle of 2019. They have four doctors and about 22 people on staff in total. When they got in touch, they were doing all the IT support on their own. They had some cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance-type concerns they wanted to address, however, our conversation led to all aspects of their current IT situation.

Productivity Problems

We spent some time evaluating their entire network and everything they were doing with technology, and it became clear they needed an all-around IT solution to help their business. Here are just a few things we observed about the clinic’s existing IT situation:

  • They had more computers than they had employees. This was causing them to spend unnecessary money on hardware and time-wasting processes.
  • They were using the wrong types of scanners and printers for their requirements, resulting in considerable time wasted. 
  • Their employees were spending too much time trying to troubleshoot and remedy nagging issues on their own and never getting an actual resolution. 
  • Their productivity was suffering due to tech troubles resulting in being behind schedule and patient frustration, plus staff and providers working overtime.
  • The business wasn’t as profitable as it could be. They were always behind schedule, their patient satisfaction was low, and employee morale was low.

Noticeable IT Improvements

The clinic’s owner and primary doctor described it this way: “Before working with AZCOMP, we had quite a few different technology issues going on that were impacting our practice. If something went wrong, it would interrupt our entire day trying to figure something out. It was frustrating to say the least because we just are not tech-savvy people.”

“We had employees and providers that simply were just wasting time because we had the wrong setup or wrong equipment. We’d frequently be behind schedule and that caused a lot of interruptions because we couldn’t chart correctly.”

Now that we’ve spent some time working with them and have made many changes and improvements, they are on schedule, their patients are happier and they aren’t working overtime. Here’s what the owner of the practice has to say about the improvements:

“I feel relief knowing that my office manager can accomplish daily duties without interruption. Before we were wasting time with the wrong setup or wrong equipment. We’d frequently be behind schedule causing interruptions. That’s all gone now – it all flows really well.”

“Another problem we had was security. We did not have correct safeguards. AZCOMP has since provided us with great security solutions and helped us with policies and procedures. We have safeguards in place, so we don’t have to worry about that part of the practice.”

“Having AZCOMP as a technology partner has made a total difference in our practice. Our staff can get their jobs done, I’m confident knowing we have safeguards in place, it’s easy for us to get help, and everyone is so kind. I really love the whole team. I wish AZCOMP could have been here for us from the beginning.”

Case Study 2 — Construction Company in Phoenix

All Things Metal is a construction company with 35 employees in Phoenix. When the steel fabrication and installation company contacted us, they were handling a lot of IT support by themselves. They had a guy they would call for emergencies, but it certainly wasn’t ideal. 

Room For Improvement 

While the team wasn’t necessarily having a bunch of problems, they were definitely spending too much of their own time trying to fix tech issues. We wanted to better understand where they were at so we could make recommendations to resolve these productivity issues. Here’s what we discovered during our full evaluation of their network systems:

  • When they’d call the other guy, it would be days and days before he’d be available. In the meantime, their employees were stuck and unable to do their jobs effectively.
  • Management was wasting time trying to fix stuff they weren’t familiar with while employees waited for a proper solution.
  • We didn’t find anything else too terrible, but we did see the typical problems of not setting up the network correctly or just sloppy and incomplete work. Plus they had quite a bit of aged equipment, and they didn’t have all the tools they needed to get the most out of their technology investment.

Time For a Change

We went through our report of findings and then gave them an action plan for managing their entire technology system. Our plan was designed to help them get much better technology results, remove the burden of IT stress from their management, and help them get the productivity from their employees that they needed to move their business forward.

They brought us on as a partner in 2018 and here’s what they’ve said about the experience.

An Impressed Small Business

“Before we hired AZCOMP Technologies, we had a part-time IT guy we would call for emergencies. This wasn’t effective at all for trying to manage our business because our employees would get stuck without the ability to work. We weren’t giving our employees the tools they needed to succeed.”

“In 2018 we hired AZCOMP after doing some careful research of our options. They stood out as being professional, efficient, and the right fit to meet our needs. After calling their references we were reassured they were the best option for us.

“Since hiring them, AZCOMP has been instrumental in greatly improving our uptime and the productivity of all our employees who depend on technology to get their jobs done. They have improved our system continuity, gotten all our technology organized, and made our systems run efficiently.”

“Everyone I work with is very patient, kind, and level-headed, as they are always putting our needs first. I really enjoy their ability to make me feel like our business is their number 1 priority. My experience with AZCOMP is right up there with the best business-to-business relationship I’ve ever experienced.”

Case Study 3 — Single Medical Provider in Mesa

Dr. Owensby’s office is a small medical practice in Mesa, AZ, with seven employees. The doctor and office manager were trying to act as the IT director and IT support staff. They had so many issues with the internet, faxing, email, phones, and other basic computer issues. They were spending so much time trying to deal with it all but not making any progress.

A Smart Choice

When they reached out to us and learned that we’d handle everything as an all-inclusive package so they could just focus on running their clinic, it was a no-brainer for them and they hired us quickly. 

Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with us: 

“We started working with AZCOMP’s IT services in early 2018. We had issues with our fax machine, phones, internet, and computers. With the help of my office manager, we were trying to pretend to be IT technicians, but we really didn’t know what we’re doing.”

Now, thanks to AZCOMP, we have better computers, better Wi-Fi and internet, we’ve got all our vendor issues sorted out, we don’t have any downtime, and we’re much more productive. We used to have to repeat so much work because of all the different issues we were having. Now we’re up all the time and we don’t have to repeat any of our work.”

“The technicians are so good to work with. They are really friendly and nice, and they can answer all the questions that anyone on our staff has. Plus, they are very prompt with all our requests and are great at quickly resolving any issues we might have. I just need to focus on medicine, not on IT issues and fax machine issues.”

“Now that I have AZCOMP all my IT headaches have gone away. I just call AZCOMP for whatever my problem is, and they get it fixed so that I don’t have to do it!”

The Value of Outsourced Managed IT Services

These three examples are just some small business owners in the valley who are more than happy with their decision to outsource IT services. For additional case studies, please visit our web page here:

Now you can see how, with the right processes, technology can be a great asset that helps small businesses achieve new heights of productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

If your business is struggling with getting the tech right, or you just want to take your business to the next level by better leveraging technology and strategy, please get in touch with AZCOMP IT Solutions today. 

The best way to get started is to call us at (480) 282-9068 or visit our website and fill out the form to request a consultation.