Basic Patient Inquiry Instructions

How to meet Stage 1 (Menu Objective) and Stage 2 (Core Objective) for List of Patients by Diagnosis:

In this example we will run an inquiry to find any patients that have Asthma (ICD-9 493.90) on their major problem list.

Step 1: Go to Reports/Patient Inquiry


Step 2: When the Patient Inquiry window opens, hit the drop down for “Selection Criteria” and Choose “39. Problem Code #1”


Step 3: Enter the ICD-9 you are searching for.


Step 4: Select the operator value “equal to”


Step 5: Enter Provider ID or leave it blank



Step 6: The Patient Inquiry window should now display the item you are searching for. To add additional items to the inquiry, select either “And” or “Or” on the right hand side of the window under “Report Logic” and then hit the “Add” button at the bottom and repeat the process. (You can have up to 16 items per inquiry.) When all the selection criteria has been filled in, hit Run.


Step 7: Enter a name for the report file and hit Open. (Make sure you browse to a location where you can find the report. We recommend making a folder on the P Drive called “Patient Inquiry.”) Note that you do not want to put an extension on the file name as the program will assign .sel also note that you cannot use any spaces in the file name.


Step 8: Depending on the size of your database and resources available on the computer you are running the report on, it may take some time to run. When the report has finished you will get a message indicating the number of patients that match the criteria, and the percent this represents of your entire practice.


Step 9: Hit OK and it will print the report.  (This may also take a minute)


Download the pdf instructions here:  Patient Inquiry Instructions


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