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Covid Care Package Project

The AZCOMP Team is Working to Lift the Spirits of Hospitalized Covid Patients

At a time when COVID-19 has impacted every single life in one way or another, we here at AZCOMP have a desire to give back with a special project that was inspired by some of our friends and family members who have personally battled this disease. Tragically, in some cases we lost these loved ones to covid. We wish to honor them with a special project we are calling the Covid Care Project.

This is a patient care & connection project to help those who are hospitalized with covid. While these patients are battling for their lives, they will often state how lonely and stark the hospital environment is. For the majority of these patients, visitors were not allowed for most of their stay. While the front-line workers are excellent and we are profoundly grateful for their efforts, the increasing number of cases spreads the hospital staff thin, leaving the patients feeling hopeless and alone.

At AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. we wanted to do something to help these patients feel less lonely, to feel a little more comfort, and to give them hope as they continue to heal and fight. We want them to know that there are people out there who care and are rooting for them. So, we are putting together Covid Care Packages that will be delivered to the patients in the hospital.

Please feel free to join us in one of two ways!

First, you can donate any amount of money, big or small, to the Venmo account: @azcompcares

Second, if you would like to personally put together a care package or grab some friends or family members and do it together, we are accepting completed packages with all the following components (all items must be brand new):

  • Big soft blanket
  • Stuffed animal to hold onto (if possible, a stuffed animal that a recording can be made – to give them a human connection/sound)
  • Notepad (or journal)
  • Pens (in package – a set of two if possible)
  • Two games (E.g. Rubik’s Cube and a card game)
  • One bag of candy, one snack bag and one gum pack
  • Chapstick
  • One small bottle of bubbles

Thank you in advance for joining us in our Covid Care Project! While the world may feel bleak right now when we step back and look at the many, many challenges facing our time, we can take comfort in the fact that we are in this together and together we can make a difference.

100% of all donations (monetary and items) will go directly to this project.

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