AZCOMP Award Winners For April 2014

Company Meetings At AZCOMP Technologies Are A Big Deal

azcomp technologies exists to empower small practices to deliver the best patient care

azcomp purpose – empowering small practices to deliver the best care

Every month at our company meeting there are 4 awards given out to employees that come with a $50.00 cash prize.  We have the Surfing Jaws Award, the What Would Jack Bauer Do Award, the High 5’s Award, and the Care About The One Award.  Please allow me to introduce this months winners!  (For an explanation of the awards, scroll to the bottom of the post)

Surfing Jaws Award Winner

surfing jaws award winner april 2014

Russ Kriloff in our support department was this months winner for suggesting to create a quick link from our website to our help page.  When our support team is working with a customer to fix their software or their computer, the customer goes to the URL of and the technician can gain access to their computer that way and go to work.  At times it can be difficult for customers to type in that URL making it hard for the tech to go to work.  We added a hot button on our website making it easier for our customers to get to the correct page.  There were 4 other innovations that were voted on and Russ was the winner for April!  Congratulations Russ!

What Would Jack Bauer Do Award Winner

What Would Jack Bauer Do Award April 2014

Jana Flewellen in our accounting department was this months winner.  A few months back we noticed there were errors with the way that we internally handled customers with agreements with us.  Jana created a system to correct this problem and has had to work tirelessly with many of our customers to get things corrected on our end.  Jana also created a process going forward that will make it so this same problem isn’t repeated in the future.  Congratulations Jana!

High Five’s Award Winner

High Five's award winner april 2014

Dan Randis in our support department is the winner with the most High 5’s with a total of 4 for the month!  The entire company had a total of 21.  Congratulations Dan!

Care About The One Award Winner

care about the one award april 2014

Laurent Lebihan from our IT Department is this months award winner with a total of 15 ‘bird dogs’.  It was a close race with several other employees right behind him.  Congratulations Laurent!


What is the meaning behind each award you ask?

1. Surfing Jaws Award.  Have you ever seen the movie Riding Giants? Its a surf movie and it embodies the spirit of one of AZCOMP’s core values ‘We Surf Jaws’.  The way this relates to a computer company is that sometimes there are things out there that seem impossible and if you want to conquer the impossible then you need to innovate a way to do it.  Riding Giants the movie showed how to take a wave that was literally a death trap – Jaws, and innovate a new way to catch it and ride it.  AZCOMP looks to our employees to innovate new ways to get the job done better, and to take things that were impossible and find a way to make it possible.

2. What Would Jack Bauer Do Award.  Another one of AZCOMP’s core values is ‘Get Your Jack Bauer On’.  We won’t take offense if you don’t know who Jack Bauer is, but around here he is legendary.  Jack Bauer is a character on the Fox TV show 24.  Jack Bauer the character is known as a person that does anything to get the job done.  When people or laws or even the President of the United States gets in his way, he makes his own way…..and when everything is all said and done, Jack saves the day.  At AZCOMP, we look for a spirit in our employees who look at road blocks as an opportunity to shine and do something amazing to get the job done, and we award those that demonstrate this ability.

3. High 5’s Award.  Another one of our core values is ‘We Deliver Phenomenal’.  When working with our customers, we are looking to make a lasting impression that makes the customer say, “Wow, that was some phenomenal service.”  Our support technicians, our trainers and our IT technicians are rated by our customers after a service ticket is resolved or a training session is completed.  When a customer fills out the survey and gives our technicians a 5 star review, then that there is a High 5!  Whenever a customer also leaves a comment on the survey, we publish these as well on our website.  Go there to read over 1000 reviews from customers that think AZCOMP delivers phenomenal service.  So the winner of this award is the technician with the most High 5’s for the month.

4. We Care About The One Award.  This award is also centered around another one of our core values called ‘We Care About The One’.  The meaning behind this is that we care about our individual customers, and as such we are willing to listen to them and understand their needs and recommend products or services that we offer that we feel will benefit their business.  This means that we believe in our products and services, and we believe that we can make a difference.  We are here to help and do things that will benefit our customers in a way that will help them not worry about the ‘business’ so much so that they can focus on delivery outstanding patient care (In case you don’t know – our purpose at AZCOMP is the Empower Small Practices To Deliver The Best Care).  So this award goes to the person who has recommended the most products or services to those that need them…..and of course the customer needs to be interested and be able to see the benefit and want to learn more or sign up for it to be counted towards the award.