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Automated Eligibility Verification – The Most Efficient Way to Perform the Most Critical Step in Medical Billing

If you’re not checking eligibility, you risk not getting paid. If you’re manually checking eligibility, you’re wasting time on something that can be automated. Nobody wants to work for free! But that is exactly what happens when a patient is seen, and the claim for services rendered is uncollectible because the patient didn’t have coverage. […]

Medisoft 6610 or 6633 Error Resolution

Medisoft Support Video: How to Resolve the Medisoft 6610 or 6633 Error Have you ever received Medisoft 6610 or 6633 Errors? When you get either of these errors, Medisoft will lock up, you won’t be able to click off the error screen, and you will need to restart the program or restart your computer. Both […]

Medisoft Claim Form Alignment

Medisoft Support Video: Medisoft Claim Form Alignment Instructions Are you experiencing data misalignment that is causing the patient’s information to print outside of the designated areas of a claim form? Though misalignment can result from several factors such as worn gears on an older printer, paper feed errors, or new printer setup issues, simply making […]