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Medisoft 7003 Error

How To Resolve a 7003 Error in Medisoft This occurs when you have too many users logged into Medisoft. There are a few reasons that this will occur, the most common being that the current number of users exceeds the licensed amount. To remedy this try to get all users out of the Medisoft and […]

Medisoft Quick Tip: How To Run File Maintenance

Spontaneous errors coming up in Medisoft? Experiencing performance issues? Sometimes Medisoft Files Are Corrupted Causing Error Messages and Frustration!  When this happens rebuilding indexes and packing data can correct the file corruption issue. Check out this Step-by-Step video to see how to run File Maintenance!   AZCOMP Technologies – the Number 1 eMDs reseller for […]

Medisoft Errors: 5016 Error

How to Fix Medisoft Error 5016 When attempting to open Medisoft or while in the program you may encounter an error, Medisoft error 5016. What does this mean? Error 5016 typically indicates an issue with the data, like a corrupt table index. This error can occur in many different places within Medisoft. How can I […]

Technology Tip: Google Maps Parking Assistant

Google Maps is the Parking Assistant You Didn’t Know You Needed! We’ve all been there before: you’re walking out into the parking lot, in a hurry to get somewhere, and cannot for the life of you remember where you parked. While this used to be a time-wasting problem for many, Google has added a feature […]

Medisoft Support Tip: Windows Within Medisoft Not Opening Properly

What to do when windows in Medisoft are not properly opening The Medisoft support department at AZCOMP Technologies typically resolves around 1000 unique support cases for hundreds of customers every month. A question we get frequently has to do with a Medisoft user not being able to find windows that are opened within the program. For […]

You Need More Than A Power Strip

You Need More Than a Power Strip to Protect Your Company’s Computers, Server, and Other Equipment What would happen if you were in the middle of working at your computer, and the office suddenly lost power? Too many workers would find themselves staring blankly at an equally blank screen as their infrastructure suddenly goes dark. However, […]

10 Pro Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed Online

Avoid Getting Scammed Online Every day numerous phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. While some of these messages are so abstract that they are obviously a fraud, others can be a bit more convincing. In case you aren’t clear on what a phishing email is, it is an attempt by […]

Managed Services Defined

What is Managed Services? The new term relating to IT Support is “Managed IT Services”, or just “Managed Services”. But what does this mean? Generally, Managed Services allows the business to allocate their IT operations to an outside source, known as a Managed Services Provider, or (MSP). Managed Service Providers assume an ongoing responsibility for […]

How To Make A Backup in Medisoft

Making a Medisoft Backup Backups are critical in ensuring that your data remains intact and accessible if damage or corruption occurs. For businesses processing a lot of transactions, even a minute of data loss can be very costly. Many small businesses can survive with some data loss, but any data loss comes at a cost. […]