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Technology isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it will only get more advanced and submerged in our lives and small businesses. Done right, technology can propel your small business to reach new heights, when done wrong, technology can be a huge setback resulting in frustrated employees, business inefficiencies, and upset clients or patients. You need a local Arizona IT company to lead your company in the right direction.

If you haven’t already invested in managed IT solutions, your small business may be suffering. To provide the best experience for your customers, having the best IT solutions available can increase your staff’s efficiency, your network security, your customer base, and satisfaction which can lead to higher profitability. Happy employees drive happy clients which will in turn drive your business’s success and give you an advantage over your local competition. 

AZCOMP Technologies is a local Arizona IT company that specializes in providing personalized IT solutions for your small business. We understand each small business is unique and deserves to have a unique IT solution offered to them. Call or go online for your personalized IT assessment today. 

IT Technology in the Workplace

In this day and age, your business revolves around two things: customers and the technology that services them. Between having a secure network, modern hardware, and efficient software, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and inadvertently let things slip through the cracks. Below is a list of some of the most common IT technologies small businesses utilize:

  • Software Systems: Because we specialize in offering IT technologies to small and medium-sized independent healthcare practices, necessary software systems typically include an Electronic Healthcare Records system, accounting software, and wifi to access the internet. In addition to having functioning systems that relay patient information, scheduling, and billing, you also have to ensure that this software are HIPAA compliant and secure. Common software systems you may find yourself inquiring about or using include Medisoft, Lytec, Aprima, or NextGen Office.
  • Hardware Systems: You have the systems in place to access your client’s medical history and records, but having modern hardware that can handle the demands of your software and business is crucial. Computers, laptops, and tablets are essential. From scheduling appointments to checking in a patient, to a healthcare provider updating patient charts while with their patient—computers and tablets are how these feats are accomplished. Fax machines, scanners, and phone systems are other hardware examples that are essential to helping your customers and having a thriving business. 
  • Network Security: Large or small, if your business uses the internet, you need to protect yourself and your clients by having network security. Criminals target all small businesses, but especially those in the healthcare industry. To avoid breaches or ransomware hitting your business, AZCOMP Technologies uses a strategic and layered security approach giving you the best defense system against cyber attacks. If you are on the fence about securing your network consider this:
    • How much money, staff, or patients are you willing to lose due to a breach of security or privacy?
    • Is your data backed up? If not, and all your data was lost, would your business be able to perform day-to-day functions and big-picture tasks?
    • Can you successfully do business while your IT equipment is malfunctioning?
    • If HIPAA has been breached due to a cyber attack, are you ready to pay a fine? How would paying a large fine impact your business?
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Let’s face it, some things are just out of your control. Things like an unexpected crash in the network, a cyberattack, or even a natural disaster such as a flood, storm, or earthquake can happen to any business and prevent you from accessing the data stored in your systems. Although you can’t control this, you can control how you handle it—by taking advantage of data backup and recovery services. As part of AZCOMP Technologies’ managed IT services, we will consult with you to find the best data recovery options for your business. We consider the following:
    • Recovery time objective (RTO) goals or how soon you need your data restored
    • Data retention requirements
    • Location of stored data
  • Not only do we provide a customized data backup and recovery plan, but we also meet recovery time objectives and practice test restores to be prepared in any situation.
    • IT Assistance and Help Desk Support: When your systems aren’t running as smoothly as you need them to, your business may benefit from IT support. Having an IT help desk to call to ask questions and get fast results can increase efficiency within the office. Staff no longer have to spend hours trying to get a hypothetical fax machine to “just send the fax already!” Maybe there is a small issue with internet connections or software issues, calling and getting targeted IT support means your staff can quickly resolve the problem and get back to assisting patients.  

Why Managed IT Solutions Are Important

Having a personalized and managed IT solution is key to a successful and thriving business. Stop falling into the trap of thinking you’ll save money by managing your business’s own IT department. As a business owner, you have more important things to be doing than restarting computers or making system updates. Meeting with patients or customers, working hands-on with staff, and dealing with partnered businesses is a much more efficient use of your time. The more patients you or your staff can assist, the more money your business brings in. 

Managing IT systems yourself, or having another tech-savvy staff member stop their essential job functions to work on the computers or systems of the office will not save you money—although it is easy to be caught in the illusion that will. In reality, if employees aren’t getting their job duties completed because they are distracted by IT headaches, then the business is not running efficiently. An inefficient business means less profit and a lot of headaches. You may get frustrated, your staff will most likely get frustrated, and your customers will definitely get frustrated. Frustrated clients may choose to venture out and find a more streamlined competitor to do business with.

If you lose staff or customers, your business will lose money. Training new staff and replacing lost customers all have a hefty cost. Losing staff and patients isn’t the only way your business may suffer financially, as mentioned earlier, all it may take is one cyberattack to bring down your infrastructure which in turn means huge expenses to repair. A cyberattack is all it may take to compromise confidential patient information resulting in large HIPAA fines. 

You’re the expert in your industry, and AZCOMP Technologies is the expert Arizona IT company. Let us help you to have the most efficient and successful business you can. Although saving money upfront by avoiding IT staff may seem like a promising way to save money, in reality, it will just offer you headaches and wasted time. We have affordable and personalized solutions for your business that can help save you in fees down the road while allowing your business to rapidly grow. 

Who We Are

We are AZCOMP Technologies. An Arizona IT company that helps medical and other small businesses thrive by providing managed IT solutions that eliminate frustrations, increase productivity, and ultimately—increase profits! With thousands of happy customers, we are a nationwide leader in IT solutions. 

We know how hard it is to be an independent healthcare practice, so we want to empower you to have the tools needed to thrive in this competitive industry. You went to medical school to help patients, not help the front staff fix the copier. We get that, let us take the IT burden off your shoulders so you can do what you do best—treat patients. 

We also take pride in our customer service. We have a great staff that is excited to provide you the best experience, so you can provide the best experience to your customers as well. With our personalized and affordable solutions, you can be confident in your decision to reach out to AZCOMP technologies. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our clients’ testimonials and see what they have to say. 

What We Do

We specialize in personalized and affordable Arizona IT company solutions. But what don’t we do? We offer all the top tech solutions while being friendly, easy to reach, and affordable.  

Our customers typically have up to 250 computers and roughly 10 or fewer locations that need to have high-functioning technology for business to run smoothly. We offer classic solutions such as network security, data backup and recovery, IT consulting, and a variety of vendor management systems while being HIPAA-verified and compliant. 

Because each business is unique, we recommend scheduling an IT consultation to discuss a personalized plan that fits within your budget and boosts your business’s profitability and productivity. 

We are proud to assist in vendor management for Medisoft and Lytec medical billing software. Choosing the right option and additional add-ons such as Telehealth, automated appointment reminders, or mobile app portals, can be confusing. AZCOMP Technologies can help you navigate all these choices so you can be empowered to choose the right product for your business. 

You can also add on Aprima or NextGen Electronic Health Records to be integrated with either Medisoft, Lytec or to be used as a standalone all-in-one system. These systems allow for quick and easy charting while you are right there with the patient. This means less time between patients, the potential to schedule more patients in a day, and easily balance your work and home life now that charting doesn’t have to keep you at the office way after closing. With the possibility of seeing a higher number of patients in a day, your business has the potential for higher profits. 

We do it all. Our managed IT services include vendor management, cloud computing, data backup and recovery, network security, and more! Your business matters. We want to be the ones to get your IT solutions streamlined because you shouldn’t have to. Focus on your patients while we focus on the tech. Eliminate frustrations, increase productivity, and increase revenue by letting AZCOMP Technologies give you a personalized and managed IT solution to help your practice thrive. Schedule your consultation today and stand out against your competition. 

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