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Medical practices number one objective is delivering quality care, but getting properly paid through documentation and proof is becoming more challenging. Aprima helps you do both. 

With Aprima, medical practices are being delivered the benefits they want the most. Whether that’s spending more time every day with family or away from their office, doing what they enjoy. Providers are now able to maintain and improve on their level of care and they’re also seeing 30% more patients and up to 25% increase in revenue.

Join the thousands of providers who have already made the switch to Aprima. Aprima’s solutions will boost your practice’s efficiency and bottom line to levels you never knew were possible.

Check out why Aprima through AZCOMP is Good News!

  • Providers using Aprima’s PM are managing over $2.2 billion annually in collections.
  • Aprima’s CHC solution includes all the tools your practice needs to address UDS reporting and tracking requirements, meet FQHC guidelines and bill per Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance requirements.
  • More than 55,000 people already use Aprima.
  • Improved quality of care with built in tools such as: Health Maintenance reminders, Chronic Care Management tools, Care Plan Oversight capabilities and more!
  • Commitment to taking advantage of all the incentives our customers are entitled to by meeting Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, new requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 3, PQRS and ICD-10.
  • More freedom to be away from the office with Aprima Mobile – view and manage your patient data with more functionality than ever before, right from your tablet or mobile device.

See the Features First-Hand from our Aprima Webinar. View the Recording Here!

Contact us today to set up a full review of Aprima at (480) 730-3055 or check out our website for more information at: https://www.azcomp.com/medisoft/medisoft-ehr/

AZCOMP Technologies – the #1 eMDs reseller for Medisoft since 2005.

We are the ultimate source for all things Medisoft. Whatever your question or problem or need with Medisoft, we can help you. AZCOMP can help with sales, training, coaching, installation, support, EHR, add-on tools such as the Medisoft preferred clearinghouse, or patient statements, patient payments, appointment reminders and more.

For more information, visit our website here:  https://www.azcomp.com/medisoft/medisoft-ehr/ or https://www.azcomp.com/aprima/

Be sure to call us at (877) 413-5479 for all your EHR and healthcare technology needs.

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