Announcing ICD-10 Training Webinars

Are you a small, independent medical practice or billing company?  Do you need some help getting ready for the ICD-10 transition?

With the ICD-10 transition right around the corner, we want to make sure that everyone is ready.  This webinar series is designed to help everyone get ready!

From these webinars you will learn:

  • The basics and background of ICD-10.
  • What new challenges you will have with billing because of ICD-10 and what your software (either Medisoft v20 or Lytec2015) will do for you to overcome these challenges.
  • All about testing submitting your claims so that you will feel confident going into October.
  • What you can do to make the transition to ICD-10 as easy as possible.

If you need practical and easy-to-understand information specific for your software (Medisoft or Lytec) to help you prepare for the October 1 deadline, then this is exactly what you are looking for.

Take a moment now to learn more about the webinars and to register.

Click Here for ICD-10 Webinar Information and Registration

As part of your ICD-10 implementation plan, you will need ICD-10 ready software for your practice.  Give AZCOMP a call at (888) 799-4777 to talk with a Software Specialist when you are ready to buy Medisoft v20, or Lytec 2015 or integrated EMR systems.

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Here’s why Small Practices Partner With AZCOMP:

Small Independend Medical Practice Technology Partner

We Are Technology Partners

We don’t just sell software.  We understand the challenges Small Practices face & we find powerful solutions to help!  We’ve helped thousands of practices become more efficient, increase revenue, and most importantly – improve patient care.

Medical Billing Software Guru's

Lots of Medical Billing Software Guru’s

We are NOT a one man show.  We have specialized teams who know the software inside and out.  Each team is highly qualified in their area- like Software Support, Training, Installation, IT…  Let’s just say that the software companies are coming to us when they need help!

Medisoft Training; Lytec Training

Expert Training – For FREE!

It’s no secret that the happiest and most efficient Software users are those properly trained.  So we make sure that our customers get the expert training they need & won’t find anywhere else- like Free Tips and Tricks videos on our blog, webinars, and our popular Training DVD’s.