An Opportunity to be Better: The Lessons of 2020 Can Lead to Innovation

Keven Cluff

Keven Cluff

2020 was one wild year. Here we are, one month into 2021 and even though we may not be out of the woods yet, I think we all breathed a collective sign of relief when the clock struck midnight on December 31st and 2021 arrived. A new year always means a chance to start fresh, but we’d all be making a big mistake if we just ignored 2020 and treated it like a bad dream that didn’t happen. As nice as that sounds, the truth is, last year taught us so many valuable lessons that we can use to make the future fantastic.

I don’t think there’s any denying that the biggest lesson learned in 2020 is the entirely correct cliché that it pays to be prepared. The name of the game in 2020 was figuring out a way to make it easier to securely serve your patients outside of your office. The practices that already had the right tools in place for doing so were ready to charge forward when both their patients and their staff were no longer coming into their facility regularly. Other practices that we’re prepared for this kind of shift in process were caught unaware and left to play catch-up. These were two very different sides of the same coin, but no matter what side you might have been on, you likely benefited from a plethora of lessons learned in the process.

Having the technology that allows you to communicate with your patients en masse, gives them options for paying bills remotely, and sets up proper security for your staff working from home was the biggest factor that AZCOMP aimed to help practices implement in 2020. And it was incredibly exciting for us to witness many of our customers experience the positivity that making these changes brought to their business! The most rewarding part was helping them to understand that these aren’t just temporary changes – these are advancements that are going to benefit and help the business grow for years to come. We know that because we’ve seen it happen time and again.

At AZCOMP, we abide by yet another cliché that I’m proud to drop in here: We practice what we preach. When the crazy scramble to work remotely first launched on the world in March, we mobilized more than 30 of our employees to work from home in just half a day because we already had the systems in place to make it happen. We faced the challenge head on by already being equipped with the tools we needed to do so. In turn, we never missed a beat, and our customers never felt like they couldn’t rely on us to help them. We know the power of being prepared, so we always keep up with the latest next-step in preparation. And we’re here to make sure your business does the same.

No matter where you’ve landed at the end of 2020, you’ve likely learned some valuable lessons that you won’t soon forget. And if you’ve worked with AZCOMP during this past year, hopefully you feel more prepared to make the most of those lessons and the changes that resulted from them in this new year.

That’s what we always strive for.

But remember, 2021 is just the beginning – these remote systems and pumped up security measures aren’t going anywhere. They’re great tools for making your business better than it’s ever been before, pandemic or not. So it’s never too late to dive into implementing them. And we’ll be here to help you do just that for many years to come.

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