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In an increasingly digitized world, technology has become the extra limb for your Arizona business, regardless of size or industry. Your business gets more done with technology – more employee productivity, more sales, effective delivery, and efficient operations. IT services can help streamline these processes. 

A better working technology gives your business a much-needed competitive advantage in your industry. But there are times when technology may not work for you as expected. 

For example, technology may get in the way or cause time wastage and frustrations because of persistent IT issues. In such a case, IT acts as a barrier and hurts your business. 

Ways That Businesses Address Their IT Needs

Some of the ways Phoenix Metro Arizona businesses address their IT needs fall into four categories: 

● You may have hired an employee for a role other than IT, but the individual doubles up as the “IT guy” because they are “pretty good with computers.” 

● You hire an employee who is either trained or not trained to act as your dedicated, on-staff “IT guy.” 

● You outsource third-party IT services from a company or individual, or 

● You use some combination of the first three mentioned options

A logical argument can be made that the first 2 options are the least cost-effective and have the worst results. Sometimes, the on-staff “IT guy” might be the business owner or the president, making it an even more costly option. IT management is sensitive and time-intensive, so there may not be enough time to do it effectively. 

Our case study of an OB-GYN clinic in Gilbert, AZ, in 2019 had owners doing all the IT stuff independently. However, they had HIPAA compliance and cyber security concerns, and various issues affected their productivity. The staff at the clinic were spending too much time troubleshooting and attempting to solve the problems with the IT hardware and software. 

The third option may seem like the safer bet, but it could also turn out bad when outsourced to the wrong company or individual. Just because an outsourcing firm offers the cheapest services doesn’t mean they are the best or will benefit your business. 

Picture this:

● Suppose one IT services company provides IT services to your business for $500 per month, but your employees are still unproductive. In that case, your security posture is still weak, and nothing has improved for your business. Is that $500 well spent?

● Suppose a different IT services company provides IT services to your business for $2000 per month, but your employees are now productive with the technology. In that case, security is improved, and your business is noticeably more efficient and effective due to the enhanced technology process. Is that $2,000 a better value than the $500?

What Your IT Professional Should Do for You

The IT personnel play a vital role in the success and continuity of the business. But what do they do, or what should they do?

The IT consultant or manager ensures your computer systems work efficiently and effectively. As a result, they ensure other employees work smoothly and productively on their computers without headaches. 

It is up to them to limit disruptions, downtimes, and lost productivity due to poorly managed or faulty tech. 

If there are faulty tech or systems, the IT staff should assess the risks and determine the best way to address them cost-effectively. It is the job of your IT team to keep track of everything and ensure the systems and hardware are well-maintained and up-to-date. 

Your IT staff should make the work of crucial managers easy because they’re not spending a lot of time deliberating on IT issues. They should identify problem areas, new or current risks, new solutions, and areas for improvement. Your IT people should prepare a plan or a budget and implement the project. Their primary role is to make IT better and better and better.

In summary, it boils down to these 6 points:

● Reduce IT Frustrations:

Better working IT systems and infrastructure is an asset for any Arizona business. However, the people working on such systems are as important. Getting someone to handle your systems and infrastructure because they’re “pretty good with computers” is never enough. It is a recipe for IT frustrations and can hurt your business. 

Before we became their outsourced IT partner, the staff at the Lily of the Valley OB-GYN clinic in Gilbert, AZ, were not tech-savvy, and issues with the equipment would cause frustrations and delays. These frustrations would spill over to patients and reduce their service satisfaction. 

So, does your IT provider ensure the systems are working effectively and efficiently to support productivity? If not, they’re not helping your business, and you must rethink your IT strategy. 

● Improve Employee Productivity:

Like others, your business looks to continually improve productivity to grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive market. Good working IT systems and support are the foundation of such productivity. 

Therefore, investing in technologies, tools, and IT support can automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. Your employees can then focus on strategic and more important issues, which increases their productivity. 

● Enhance Operations:

You can achieve business growth by enhancing operations, and your choice of IT support services has a big say. When technology and tools are used right, businesses can optimize processes, automate routine tasks and streamline operations. Qualified IT staff can help implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools for inventory, supply chain, and financials. Or even customer relationship management (CRM) to track sales, automate marketing campaigns, and manage customer interactions. 

Combining tools and IT services can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. They can also help your business make better decisions based on real-time data. 

● Better Customer Service: 

Your customers are the lifeline for your business, and the goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with clients. Unlike in the past, customers now have higher expectations of the quality of customer service you offer. They expect the service to be responsive, fast, and personalized across multiple channels. 

But how can your business achieve this? 

By leveraging technologies that offer seamless customer experiences, such as social media, chatbots, and mobile apps. Efficient IT support services can ensure you use customer feedback tools correctly and securely. This helps you measure customer satisfaction and point out areas for improvement. 

● The Burden of IT Management is Removed from the Owner:

IT issues can take a considerable chunk of your time which you should use in other vital areas. But by outsourcing your IT management, you leave the technical aspects to experts, and you can shift your focus to other core competencies. Competent IT service providers can manage IT networks, infrastructure, and systems, ensuring they’re up-to-date, secure, and functioning correctly. You can therefore improve system reliability and reduce costly downtimes. 

● Predictable IT Expenses:

Not knowing how much it will cost you to keep the IT systems working can be a source of anxiety. On the other hand, managed IT services with flexible pricing and custom services can help you budget and plan effectively. Your IT expenses become predictable, and you avoid unpredictable costs such as IT emergencies and downtimes. You can then invest in IT infrastructure to take your business to the next level. After all, you know that no IT issue will surprise you, and you can only go up. 

Dedicated in-staff personnel that most often fulfill all the above roles are not budget-friendly. That’s where managed IT services come in. 

Why You Need Managed IT Services

One of the reasons the popularity of managed IT services is busting in popularity is its cost-effectiveness and efficiency in technology management. 

The affordability of IT services is a significant issue for small businesses with limited resources. The cost of hiring a full-time IT employee or outsourcing the services can be pretty prohibitive to some companies. So, what do you do? 

AZCOMP Technologies is a local IT services firm that prides itself in affordable IT services to small and medium businesses in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

AZCOMP Technologies – Providers of Affordable IT Services

Affordable and quality IT services for your business are not always readily available; if they are, they may not be the best fit for your business. So why choose AZCOMP Technologies?

● Affordability: AZCOMP Technologies have been providers of cost-effective and efficient solutions for businesses for a long time. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that our services are the cheapest, we offer the best value at a fair price. 

We achieve all the objectives of what an IT manager should do, so we have a process for doing it well. This means we achieve good results and can repeat the process with any company – predictable results every time. It doesn’t mean we’re cheap, but we deliver exceptional results at a fair price. Our range of managed IT services is available at competitive prices to help your business get the most out of technology investments. 

Our managed IT services use the best team of qualified IT professionals who do away with the cost of hiring full-time IT personnel. Our pricing options are flexible, transparent, and straightforward. There are no hidden fees because we aim to help your business achieve its objectives and goals while keeping your IT infrastructure reliable, secure, and efficient. 

● Expertise: we have a dedicated team of qualified IT professionals who provide customers with the highest level of service and support. AZCOMP Technologies works with businesses of all sizes, from startups to huge corporations. We pride ourselves on offering customized IT solutions that meet your business’s unique needs. Our expertise and professionalism have kept our clients happy and confident about their IT and business. 

● Proactive IT management: working with AZCOMP benefits your business in various ways, including a proactive approach to IT management. That means we take action before something happens that affects your IT systems. The result is fewer disruptions, less downtime, and increased productivity. 

● A range of other IT services: AZCOMP’s services available to your business include data backup and recovery, network security, cloud computing, and more. We ensure that your IT infrastructure is reliable, secure, and efficient. We aim to help you leverage technology cost-effectively to achieve your goals and objectives. 

● 24/7 support: we understand that IT issues don’t wait for work hours to happen. You don’t have to suffer through the weekend or the night before you can get IT solutions. AZCOMP support is available throughout so you can reach out in case of any challenge or query. We provide regular reports and updates to keep you in the loop about our progress and ensure you get the most from our services. 

So, are you after affordable IT services for your business and quality, proactive, and professionally managed IT services?  

Contact us at AZCOMP Technologies today to learn how we can help you with your IT infrastructure to achieve your goals and objectives. 

About AZCOMP Technologies

AZCOMP Technologies of Mesa, AZ, is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for businesses of all sizes looking to automate their processes. AZCOMP’s mission is to help enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase cybersecurity through innovative tech solutions.

AZCOMP Technologies has provided technology solutions and services to businesses since 2000. AZCOMP employees provide our services in Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Glendale, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Gold Canyon. Request your IT consultation today!

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Byron Adams
Byron has spent nearly two decades helping thousands of small businesses resolve technology issues, design technology solutions, improve technology security, plan and budget for technology projects, and improve business productivity through technology. As the Technology Director at AZCOMP Technologies, he leads a team that provides Managed IT Services our clients. Our goal is to "deliver phenomenal" to our clients - AZCOMP's first core value. By outsourcing their IT needs to AZCOMP, Byron serves our clients as their CTO. Byron helps our clients get their time back, allowing them to focus on their business and what they do best. In addition, they enjoy more predictable technology costs, increased employee productivity, and improved cyber-security posture.

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