A Better User Experience for Secondary Claims

More often than not, after your patient has been seen, they will provide you with two types of insurance: primary and secondary.

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Most practices are billing secondary insurance as a courtesy for the patient.

So if a patient comes into your office with multiple forms of insurance, this can be cringe worthy for billers who know the process behind getting these claims to the clearinghouse. In previous verisons on Medisoft, secondary claims were difficult and many practices had to maneuver through multiple screens and two separate claims management systems to process these claims. After many clicks, and flip flopping, the biller could then find the critical information they were looking for.

This long awaited change has been made in the new version of Medisoft v23, where you will now have everything you need within Revenue Management so you can effectively manage secondary claims. Information is made easier to monitor and find, which can save you time and you can get paid faster.

Let’s break it down into some ways this is helpful:

Implement Time Savers

Saving time is so valuable to a billers schedule, because reducing just one click could mean reducing thousands within your week. Imagine how this could change your workflow to become more efficient?

Easily Identify Important Info

With this feature, you can easily identify secondary payer claims, whether they are electronic or paper, and displaying your claim type right on the grid. You no longer have to click through different systems to find the data you need.

More Productive Workflow

If you are constantly having to manually intervene on claims, you are probably not productive in your workflow. Usability with this new feature will help cut down on your manual work and secondary claims won’t carry as much of a bad reputation as before.

We’ve put together a short video to help you see how this new version of Medisoft v23 allows you to have all the information needed directly from within Medisoft and your remittance screen, enabling you to quickly and easily send those claims out.

Watch this video!

Upgrade to Medisoft v23!

Hopefully now, we have you on board with this time saving feature. If you’re thinking this could help your practice, there are many more useful features in the new Medisoft v23. Check out this webpage to upgrade today! Be sure to give us a call to learn more and get a custom quote for your v23 upgrade.

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