4 Ways to Ensure Your Company Makes Secure Online Purchases

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We are in the age of internet technology, and online purchases are at an all-time high. It’s estimated that this holiday season will fetch more than $236 billion in purchases.

Online shopping is here to stay, and chances are that your business and employees are already participating.

But the world of online business also creates opportunities for cybercrime. Criminals will try to steal your login information, credit numbers, and other critical personal identification information.

So how can your employees make secure online purchases and safeguard the organization against fraud, identity thefts, and more? In this article we’re going to point out 4 quick tips for making safe online purchases.

You may want to consider talking to us about our full-service network security & cybersecurity solutions for your business. You may also want to review our 15 Ways to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attack article. For now, here are four quick tips to help ensure your business is making secure online purchases:

1.  Avoid Reusing Passwords

The temptation to reuse a password between different sites is high because it’s easier to remember. But don’t do it. An organization your company collaborates with may get breached, resulting in a breach of multiple accounts with shared passwords.

While using different passwords for different sites is not easy, it makes it harder for criminals to access your other accounts.

2.  Always Inspect the URL

A secure website will always have an “https” or a small lock on the far left corner of the address bar. Don’t provide any financial or personal information on any site with ‘http’ without the ‘s’ or an unlocked padlock on the web address. This is an insecure site.

3.  Choose Credit Cards Over Debit Cards

Using a credit card instead of a debit card ensures that the criminals don’t wipe clean your bank account. On the other hand, major credit card companies have a liability policy where unauthorized charges are made.

Don’t overlook your statements when you get them. You could notice something unusual on the statement, which can save you from further costs you’re unaware of down the road.

Contact your credit card firm immediately if you suspect suspicious activity.

4.  Watch out for Emails about Package Deliveries

Texts or emails about a package delivery have become a common way cybercriminals use to access your website and information. Our AZCOMP Technologies professionals always recommend tracking your package from the company website as it is safer. Don’t click on links sent to your email inbox or text message.

The links may contain malware or viruses infecting your device and the shared network.

While cybercriminals don’t mind scamming consumers, their main targets are usually businesses because they are the bigger sharks with deeper pockets. A small mistake by one employee can cause havoc for your organization. Don’t wait for an incident to happen.

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