3 Medisoft Clinical & Lytec MD Support Videos

AZCOMP Support Videos: 3 Video’s For You Today

tips and tricks - AZCOMP TechnologiesIn this post we are highlighting 3 video’s that cover some more basic functions in Medisoft Clinical/ Lytec MD but seem to be hanging people up.  So, watch all 3!  In the first video we will show How to Set Up A New User.  In the second video watch How To Set User Access Levels.  In the last video, see How To Merge Duplicate Patient Files.  All three of these video’s are done by our EMR/EHR support guru Aimee!

Be sure to contact our support department if you have any additional questions about these features.

Video #1: How To Set Up A New User In Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD EHR Programs

Video #2: Setting User Access Levels In Medisoft Clinical And Lytec MD EMR Programs

Video #3: How To Merge Duplicate Patient Files In Medisoft Clinical or Lytec MD EHR Programs

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