10 Tech Problems Arizona Healthcare Providers Are Eliminating From Their Business

Tech Problems

Many service businesses seem content with providing subpar service, possibly influenced by a few common excuses they’ve adopted as their own. Blaming “inflation,” “COVID,” or “the labor shortage,” some businesses expect a free pass even as they raise their prices. If your vendors use these excuses to justify poor service while increasing costs, you don’t have to accept it.

There is a better way to handle this.

While you might be able to tolerate underperforming vendors in certain areas, doing the same with an underperforming IT vendor could lead to disastrous consequences. Justifying poor performance with excuses can result in unproductive employees, compromised client services, failing computers, cybersecurity breaches, lost data, clients, and profits.

Your business thrives on technology, making it crucial to ensure seamless operations for maximum employee productivity. Staying ahead of competitors and maintaining your edge in the market requires embracing the latest technological innovations. Moreover, constant protection is vital to safeguarding your business from potential catastrophes.

In this article, we will delve into ten common tech challenges, complaints, and service failures that plague both businesses and healthcare providers. We aim to provide effective solutions to eliminate these issues from your operations completely. While you may find some of these problems familiar, fear not – we have the answers to help you overcome them.

  1. When you request help from your IT company, your request goes without a response for hours (or days, or never). You’re stuck waiting and wondering if your issue will ever get addressed.
  2. When you really need to get a hold of someone, it’s impossible to get anyone on the phone. Either they don’t answer the phone, or it goes to voicemail, or you’re stuck in an automated phone tree you can’t get out of.
  3. When you request help, you often have to follow up with them multiple times to get status updates, timeframe estimates, and ultimately the problem resolved. No one ever proactively contacts you to give you updates.
  4. Your IT company doesn’t have the ability to remotely monitor, patch and update your computers and servers and other critical hardware, leaving your entire business vulnerable to threats and attacks.  
  1. Your IT vendor won’t help out with other vendors (like your internet service provider). Every time you call for an issue with your internet, they tell you everything should be working right from their end and instruct you to contact your internet provider.
  2. Your IT company doesn’t meet with you regularly (or even try to meet with you) to discuss their performance, report on what they’ve been doing for you, review projects, answer your questions, or offer recommendations for improving your technology, performance, and security.
  3. Your IT company has new support reps frequently because they have a hard time keeping the same employees. Or, every time you talk to anyone (even if it is the same tech), they have no idea what happened on previous requests for help because they don’t keep notes or any records. Whenever they work with you, it feels like a different process for delivering help because they have no process. You frequently have to request help for the same issues over and over.
  4. Your IT company doesn’t talk to you about cybercrime or other threats to your technology and business. They don’t provide any suggestions to improve your cybersecurity defenses. They don’t offer any security awareness training for your staff to prevent scams or phishing attacks.
  5. When your IT company comes to your office to perform work, techs arrive late, dress like they just got out of bed, and have poor hygiene, manners, and communication skills.
  6. You cringe every time you need to make a request for help because they’ll make you feel dumb or like they are ‘doing you a favor’ even though you’re paying them!

For Arizona healthcare providers, resolving these ten common tech problems is essential for maintaining smooth operations, protecting patient data, and delivering exceptional care. By collaborating with a reliable and proactive IT support provider like AZCOMP Technologies, healthcare providers can eliminate these challenges from their business forever.

Don’t settle for substandard tech support when the well-being of your patients and business is at stake.

Schedule a free 10-minute discovery call at azcomp.com/it and experience the difference a dedicated IT support partner can make. With AZCOMP Technologies as your partner, you can focus on what truly matters: delivering top-notch healthcare services to the Arizona community.