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The easier you make it for patients to pay-the more likely you’ll get paid, and paid quickly!

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Getting paid has never been easier, thanks to BillFlash’s:

Easy Statements

You can send patient statements in just a few minutes, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional mailing.

Convenient Payment Options

Not only can patients pay online- but there are tons of other features to make it easier than ever to pay!

Plus- BillFlash is already part of Medisoft & Lytec- so everything is fully integrated!

• No Contract • No Set Up Fees • Cancel Anytime

Convenient Payment Options

How BillFlash Statements Work

Why Practices Love Billflash

It Costs Less

You can’t beat 27¢ a statement (plus postage). The cost to produce a statement yourself is much higher- labor, ink, paper, envelopes, stamps… that adds up fast.

It Updates Addresses

BillFlash can check and update addresses via NCOA before mailing statements. And provide you with a report of any patients that moved.

It's Fast

Hands Down- it is much quicker to click a couple of times than it is to print, fold, stuff, seal, and mail each statement.

it Looks Professional

Professional statements actually catches more attention from patients and the collection rate is higher than in house statements.


See the exact statement that went out to a customer! Then, if a customer calls in you can easily answer their questions.

Online Payments

Practices don’t have to wait for a check to mail in, go to the bank to deposit checks, or deal with bounced checks.

Why Patients Love Billflash

Pay Online

Patients pay quickly and are more likely to pay because they can use their credit card and pay online immediately.

Option for Paper of Email

Some patients love to get a hard copy in the mail and some prefer email- you have the option of which one works best.

View Past Payments

Patients can go online and see all the payments they have made to the practice as well as the statement it was for.

Return Envelope Included

A return envelope is included and makes it that much easier for patients to pay. Simple but surprisingly effective.

Easy to Understand

Clear statements make it easy for patients to understand what the bill is for. Providers report that patient questions dramatically decreased.

View Recent Statements

Because its easier to send statements, patients get them quickly & are more likely to remember the appointment & pay.

Billflash Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is NexTrust

NexTrust, Inc. owns and operates BillFlash Services (aka “BillFlash”)

All BillFlash services are distributed through independent BillFlash Resellers who best understand and can support your local Billing Application.

NexTrust emails invoices around the 5th of each month for the prior month’s services.

BillFlash accounts are conveniently setup to accept AutoPay from either your Checking Account, Visa, or Mastercard.  AutoPays process on the 15th of each month for the invoices emailed on the 5th.  You’ll setup  your AutoPay account during enrollment.

The mailing deposit provides some payment protection to us since we incure all costs for mailing bills during the current month and then bill our users the following month.

Delivery services are provided with no long-term contracts.  We have to earn your business every month or you’re free to leave with no penalties at any time.  Payment services require Merchant Accounts which have multi-year contracts.

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