Medisoft Masters Training Videos

Program Set Up

Video 1: Creating a New Practice (New Data Set)

Video 2: Setting Up Multiple Practices

Video 3: Security Set Up in Medisoft

Video 4: Permissions

Video 5: Program Options

Video 6: Setting Up Facilities

Video 7: Setting Up Providers & NPI’s

Video 8: Setting Up Referring Providers

Video 9: Setting Up Diagnosis Codes

Video 10: Setting Up Procedure, Payment & Adjustment Codes

Video 11: Setting Up Insurance Carriers

Patient Intake

Video 1: Creating a Case

Video 2: Entering Charges

Beginner Billing

Video 1: Entering Charges

Video 2: Creating and Using Multilink Codes

Video 3: Creating Claims in Medisoft

Video 4: Printing Primary Claims

Video 5: Printing Secondary Claims

Video 6: Entering Patient Payments

Video 7: Reprint a Claim

Video 8: Entering Insurance Payments on Deposit

Video 9: Aging Reports

Video 10: AR Tracker Overview

Video 11: Creating and Printing Patient Statements in Medisoft

Video 12: Patient Payment Plan Set Up

Revenue Management Training


Download the user guide if you’re interested in written instructions.

Click Here for the Revenue Management User Guide

Video 1: Send Primary Electronic Claims

Video 2: Send Secondary Electronic Claims

Video 3: How to Print an ERA

Video 4: How to Post an ERA

Office Hours Training

Video 1: Office Hours Setup and Program Options

Video 2: Scheduling in Office Hours

Video 3: Office Hours Reports

Routine Maintenance in Medisoft

Video 1: File Maintenance

Video 2: Backup Your Medisoft Data

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