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Welcome to Medisoft EDI

Once your eMEDIX account is activated, you will first need to setup and configure Medisoft before you’re able to submit claims. This page provides comprehensive instructions and training materials to guide you through the setup and configuration process.

Following these instructions and watching the videos will enable you to submit claims in the shortest time possible.


Before initiating the setup and configuration process, please log in to the eMEDIX Portal using the “Screen Name” and “Temporary Password” provided in the “Welcome to Medisoft EDI” email. For enhanced security measures, eMEDIX mandates the use of Multi-Factor Authentication for site access. Upon your initial login, you will receive prompts to modify your password and establish a security question. Apart from updating your password, no additional actions within the portal are required at this moment. An overview of the portal will be provided later. eMEDIX Portal:

Video: eMEDIX Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup

PRO tip:

  • The Screen Name and New Password will be used to gain access to both the eMEDIX Payer Enrollment site and the eMEDIX Portal.
Now that you have your eMEDIX portal password updated, and multi-factor authentication completed, you can proceed with the Medisoft configurations.

Medisoft EDI Setup & Configuration Instructions

Step 1: Update Payer IDs for each Insurance Code in use in Medisoft

Rather than editing every insurance code in Medisoft, we recommend editing only the ones used in the past 12 months, and prioritizing the list based on volume.

The eMEDIX Payer IDs can be found at

Step 1, Video 1: Running the Insurance Visit Report in Medisoft

Step 1, Video 2: Updating Payer IDs in Medisoft for eMEDIX

Pro Tips:

  • Check the payer ID list to determine if enrollment is required for claims submission. It is advisable to delay updating the payer ID in Medisoft until you receive approval from the payer for eMEDIX claims submission.
  • When editing the insurance, you can skip the EDI receiver field and leave the existing receiver in there for Change Healthcare/Relayhealth. You will update the receiver for all the insurance codes at once when you get to Video 3.

Step 2: Configure Revenue Management in Medisoft for eMedix

You will need to set up a new receiver for eMEDIX in Revenue Management before sending claims. The great news is that once this step is complete, you are all set to start submitting claims to any payers that do not require payer-specific enrollment! Generally, this will be all your commercial payers.

Account Information Needed for Configuration:
TP ID: (get this from the “Welcome to Medisoft EDI” email sent to you)
EDI Webservice Login: (get this from the “Welcome to Medisoft EDI” email sent to you)
EDI Webservice Password: (get this from the “Welcome to Medisoft EDI” email sent to you)

Step 2, Video 1: Configuring Revenue Management in Medisoft for eMEDIX

Step 2, Video 2: Additional Steps to Take When Billing for Multiple Practices

Pro Tips:

  • You must be on Medisoft v25 or later to configure eMEDIX
  • Depending on the version of Medisoft you are on, the screens may differ slightly from the videos. If you get stuck on any screen, we recommend taking a screenshot and sending an email to that includes the screenshot (s) and your question. If you are not able to capture a screenshot, email your question alone, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Step 3: Complete Payer Enrollments

Depending on the payers you submit to, you may be required to complete a payer specific enrollment. This enrollment must be processed and approved by the payer prior to submitting claims and/or receiving electronic remittance advice (ERAs), and/or eligibility. Please note that processing times are dependent on the payer. (Use the Screen Name and New Password created in Step 1 to access the Enrollment Site.)

eMEDIX Payer Enrollment Site:

Step 3, Video 1: Managing Payer Enrollments

Pro Tip:

  • [NEW UPDATE- 5/3/2024] Change Healthcare has numerous exclusive connections with payers, and you may find enrollments that list Change Healthcare. Due to the cybersecurity incident, not all payers have reconnected with Change Healthcare, and eMEDIX is currently evaluating each payer previously routed through Change Healthcare to identify an alternative route. You may encounter enrollments that have not yet been updated; therefore, we recommend checking the list found here to verify if a new enrollment is available. Any payers on the list without a listed date for the new enrollment are still in the process of being updated; thus, you will not be able to complete an enrollment until the new enrollment is made available. The list is updated daily, so we advise you to check back regularly for updates when you have an impacted payer.
  • [NEW UPDATE- 5/3/2024] If you encounter any enrollment forms that have a cover sheet listing Availity as the clearinghouse, you will need to email the cover sheet to and include the payer name and your TPID in the subject line.
  • AZCOMP does not provide payer enrollment services, users must complete the enrollments using the information and tools provided.
  • For additional questions regarding enrollments, we encourage you to join one of our live enrollment webinars. For specific questions you can also email us at

Step 4: eMedix Portal Overview

You will not need to access the portal to submit claims, however there are many tool available to you that will help you manage the revenue cycle through the portal after a claim is sent. The training video provided will cover:

  • Utilizing the Worklist to Track Claims
  • Editing and Resubmitting Rejected Claims
  • Generating Timely Filing Letters
  • Managing ERAs
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Running Claim Status Inquiries
  • Running Clearinghouse Reports

eMEDIX Portal:

Step 4, Video 1: eMEDIX Portal Overview

Training Webinars

AZCOMP EDI Setup and Configuration Webinar Series


In March and early April we ran a 4-part series of webinars. Those webinars have concluded at this time. Feel free to access the recordings here if you wish. However, the videos listed above cover all the same content.

Talk to a Trainer

After watching all the videos and after attending the webinars, if you have specific questions regarding setup, configuration, or payer enrollment, please email or call us at 866.932.9642 to request an appointment with one of our EDI Specialist. Please note that, due to the volume of users affected by the Change Healthcare outage, the availability of our trainers is already extremely limited, which is why we’ve provided the videos and are running the live webinars.

We know it can be difficult to change clearinghouses, but we hope that the added tools and tighter integration with Medisoft will prove valuable. We are committed to your success!


5/3/2024- Important Notice Regarding Potential Re-Enrollment for ERAs and Claims

(Relevant to all existing eMEDIX customers who enrolled prior to 4/23/2024)

Due to the recent cyber security incident that led to Change Healthcare’s system wide shutdown, you may be encountering some disruption in your services to certain payers. These disruptions could include claims being placed on hold, not receiving ERAs, or payer enrollments that are still pending. These issues are limited to payers which, per contract agreements, had EDI transactions routing through Change Healthcare. (Change Healthcare has many exclusive connections with payers so all clearinghouses connect with Change Healthcare to pass EDI transactions back and forth.) Despite concerted efforts, Change Healthcare has not yet been able to restore full functionality to their systems, and many payers have determined that they will not be reconnecting to Change Healthcare.

In light of this situation, eMEDIX has made the difficult decision to implement a permanent solution for routing ERAs and claims that does not involve Change Healthcare. As a result of this change, eMEDIX is in the process of evaluating each payer that was previously routed through Change Healthcare to determine the quickest path to restoring EDI services to impacted payers.

In many cases, this transition will not require re-enrollment for claims submission, as most payers accept claims through multiple channels. However, for ERAs, which are typically routed through a single channel, where there is a new path available, a new enrollment with the payer will be necessary to restore the transmission of ERAs from the payer.

The following training video and documentation provide instructions for:

  1. Running a report on the eMEDIX enrollment website to determine whether there are payers you have an enrollment with (completed or pending), will need to be re-enrolled.
  2. How to verify whether a new enrollment is available using the list found here (this list is updated daily!)
  3. How to cancel a pending enrollment and add a new one.
  4. Tips on tracking and managing enrollments.

Re-Enrollment Training Video

Re-Enrollment Documentation

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change or if you require assistance with re-enrollment, email us at Please provide as much detail as you can in your email so that we can route your request efficiently and connect you to the best resources. Due to the high volume of users impacted by this change, response times may be longer than usual, however in most cases we are able to respond within one business day. We greatly appreciate your patience as we work diligently to address every request.