AZCOMP Training Academy

Medisoft Beginner Training Videos

Welcome to Medisoft Beginner Training

In this training module, we cover all the basic elements of using Medisoft. Once you’ve learned all the fundamentals of Medisoft, move on to the Masters training module. The Webinar Recordings module is also a great place to learn about new features and more advanced functionality of the program.

Program Setup

Video 1: Creating a New Practice (New Data Set)

Video 2: Setting Up Multiple Practices

Video 3: Security Set Up in Medisoft

Video 4: Permissions

Video 5: Program Options

Video 6: Setting Up Facilities

Video 7: Setting Up Providers & NPI’s​

Video 8: Setting Up Referring Providers

Video 9: Setting Up Diagnosis Codes

Video 10: Setting Up Procedure, Payment & Adjustment Codes

Video 11: Setting Up Insurance Carriers

Patient Intake

Video 1: Creating a Case

Video 2: Entering Charges

Beginner Billing

Video 1: Entering Charges

Video 2: Creating and Using Multilink Codes

Video 3: Creating Claims in Medisoft

Video 4: Printing Primary Claims

Video 5: Printing Secondary Claims

Video 6: Entering Patient Payments

Video 7: Reprint a Claim

Video 8: Entering Insurance Payments on Deposit

Video 9: Aging Reports

Video 10: AR Tracker Overview

Video 11: Creating and Printing Patient Statements in Medisoft

Video 12: Patient Payment Plan Set Up

Revenue Management Training


Download the user guide if you’re interested in written instructions.

Click Here for the Revenue Management User Guide

Video 1: Send Primary Electronic Claims

Video 2: Send Secondary Electronic Claims

Video 3: How to Print an ERA

Video 4: How to Post an ERA

Office Hours Training

Video 1: Office Hours Setup and Program Options

Video 2: Scheduling in Office Hours

Video 3: Office Hours Reports

Routine Maintenance in Medisoft

Video 1: File Maintenance

Video 2: Backup Your Medisoft Data