The AZCOMP Family

Family? We certainly are. Even though only a few of us are related to each other, we treat each other a lot like a family. We love each other, we help each other, we laugh and cry together, we have a lot of fun together and we also work very hard together.

It’s time to meet the family! Take a look at each of our departments to get to know us a little better.

Medical Software Support

Our medical software support department is the largest department in the company. They are mostly a bunch of introverts but they love problem solving and love delivering phenomenal. They work hard all day every day to keep your Medisoft and Lytec programs running smooth. They are by far the best Medisoft and Lytec support department in the world!

IT Support

This is the IT services team. They are kind of a quiet group of guys but they get pretty excited when you start talking about BDR Servers or VPN Networks. They are here for you to make your computer problems go away, and they are dang good at it too. They will keep your data safe, help you become HIPAA compliant, keep your server up and running for you, and everything else in between.


These ladies really know how to talk! And it is a good thing too. The training team loves to help you learn all the skills you need to get the most out of your software. They teach the basics and expert skills for Medisoft and Lytec, Revenue Management, Scheduling, EHR Implementations, Meaningful Use Assessments and more. Do you have a question? The training team will help!


Having a great Administrative team makes good companies great, which is why we think we have a great company! They know how to get all the daily details accomplished to make the company keep running smooth. And, they love to take care of you, the customers. We love our Admin team!

Sales & Marketing

This bunch can get a little bit loud from time to time, but they know how to get a lot done too. Product knowledge and passion for the products and services is what it takes to be a part of the sales and marketing team. Share with us what kind of challenges are going on in your practice and we’ll help you find the right mix of products and services to help you achieve new heights in delivering the best care.

Our Culture

AZCOMP Purpose and Core Values

As we grew as a company, and as we learned from other successful companies, it became imperative to our future success to define who we are, and set standards for ourselves. Several years ago we spent the time to find the purpose to why we exist as a company, and defined core values as an operational guide.

Now armed with a purpose and core values, we use them in every aspect of our business. We hire and fire employee’s by our values, we plan for our future and base all of our business decisions based off of them as well. Our purpose and core values are fused into everything we do.

Why We Exist As a Company – Our Purpose

Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care

We operate in the healthcare arena and specifically with small, independent practices. Doctors all over the country went to school to become physicians so they can heal those with health challenges, or to keep them healthy. Faced with the challenges also being business owners, providing the best care for patients can sometimes be impossible. When we can help a doctor with their technology pains, we lift the burden of some of the business issues, making it possible for that doctor to focus more on their patients and deliver the best care.

The Core Values We Live By

  1. We Deliver Phenomenal
  2. We Work Hard, We Play Hard
  3. We Care About the One
  4. We Check Our Ego’s At the Door
  5. We Chase Mavericks
  6. We Exercise Real Communication
  7. We Do The Right Thing
  8. We Surf Jaws
  9. We Go Where Eddie Would Go
Company History

Before AZCOMP was official or even thought of, Lance Foster was in training to run a computer business. As a kid and through high school, his dad was teaching Lance how to build and repair computers. By his early 20’s, Lance had turned his dad’s hobby into a little computer business.

A little bit later, Lance decided to take a job as a support technician for an up and coming new software company called Medisoft. He worked for $9 per hour while going to college and keeping the computer business going.

On March 12, 2000, Lance and his beautiful wife, Marcee, had their first child. It was then that with a brand-new baby in his arms Lance felt inspired that he would have to do better to support a family. He decided to quit Medisoft and devote all his energy to growing AZCOMP Technologies. He set up shop in the small server room at the back of his parents’ State Farm office in Tempe, Arizona.

In 2002, AZCOMP got its own office space in Gilbert. It was 800 square feet and Lance was feeling a tad bit presumptuous about the move. The move paid off though because the company was successful at selling and supporting Medisoft while still building custom computers. In 2005, the company expanded again to double the size of its office, and in 2009, opened a second office in Palm Springs.

In 2002, AZCOMP partnered with Dell, giving the IT department more credibility. Then, in 2003, was launched to help facilitate online purchases of Medisoft and Lytec. This move was met with immediate success resulting in unprecedented growth with sales increasing by 600%!

Shortly thereafter, AZCOMP became the number one company in the nation for Medisoft sales, and one of the first to tackle EMR. Plus – expand and offer training, installation, and support for MediNotes EMR.

AZCOMP continued to grow and develop in multiple ways, including hosting their first annual Medisoft Training Sessions in 2005. While these may have started off relatively small, by 2009, when AZCOMP hosted its first EMR event, there were over 100 attendees. Over time, AZCOMP has become the expert and industry leader for Medisoft, Lytec and EMR products. They still host many training events at their office, or in a webinar, or on YouTube, or through training DVD’s.

In 2008 and 2009, it seemed like every business in America was suffering. AZCOMP was suffering too, but it was during that the company refused to lose any ground, and instead took up the motto, “We do not participate in economic downturns.” In 2009, they invested heavily in the future by implementing Connetwise and eventually other software systems. They also prepared for the building wave of EMR by continuing to heavily train existing employees and hiring and training new employees.

While the intention of AZCOMP has always been to create, and maintain the very best technology for its clients, that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been plenty of fun along the way. From office nerf gun wars, to Ping-Pong or pool tournaments, to loud and action packed monthly company meetings, to hosting themed dress-up parties and more, AZCOMP’s company culture maintains an attitude of ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’. We believe that hard work goes hand-in-hand with creativity and a good time.

Fifteen years after AZCOMP was launched, the company continues its commitment to providing the best software, training, technical support, and IT services to small practices, empowering them to deliver the best care.