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Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Medisoft V20 Is Ready For ICD-10

The #1 Medical Billing Program for Small Independent Practices for ICD-10 readiness and for Practice Management.

Why Medisoft V20?

ICD-10 Ready & Awesome Code Mapping Feature

Not only is v20 equipped to handle the new ICD-10 codes it has very useful tools to make the transition to ICD-10 even easier. Users particularly love the code mapping feature in v20 to convert codes from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

Some of the other ICD-10 tools available for you include:

  • Diagnosis list and code set up
  • ICD-10 code mapping utility
  • Insurance carrier set up
  • Set the ICD-10 version utility
  • The new CMS-1500 02/12 Claim Form

Medisoft Mobile

With version 20, the Free Medisoft Mobile App will have upgraded features and enhancements. The all-new patient intake feature makes it easier for you to register patients, and when using the mobile app in the office, processes will be improved. Plus – electronically capture charges and diagnosis entries from your iPhone or iPad. Billers no longer have to rekey the doctor’s illegible handwriting. Claims are submitted up to 60% sooner!

Medisoft Easy Claims

Sending Claims in Medisoft Couldn’t Get An Easier – Thanks to AZCOMP’s Easy ClaimsTM!

Sending claims in Medisoft couldn’t get any easier. Get paid faster, have fewer rejections, save hours of data entry time, and improve cash flow with Medisoft Easy Claims. All from Medisoft and by using AZCOMPs clearinghouse you can check patient eligibility, send claims electronically, have your claims scrubbed reducing rejections, and download the ERA directly to Medisoft! The best and fastest way to handle the entire claim process is right inside of Medisoft. Learn More Here…

Get FREE Medisoft Training DVD’s
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Save Big on v20 & Get FREE Medisoft Training DVDs

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Medisoft Office Hours Scheduling And Practice Management

Medisoft Office Hours scheduling tool allows you to manage all of the physicians schedules in a convenient and efficient manner, allowing your office manager to work efficiently. Medisoft Mobile lets you view your schedule and transmit charges using a phone or tablet. There are also customizable rules-based grids allow your practice to easily address different carrier filing requirements. There are multiple ways to view the schedule helping you expedite the scheduling of patient appointments. Learn More…

Plus, now you can remind your patients of their appointments and confirm their appointment faster and easier than ever. Learn more about our appointment reminder system.

Medisoft EMR Ready For Seamless Integration

Did you know that Medisoft has an EMR? By purchasing your EMR or EHR together with your PM (practice management) software, they will work together seamlessly. If you purchase your EMR separate from your PM, then you may have to deal with a 3rd software or programmers to get your two systems to work together. Or maybe worse, you may have to key all of the same information into both systems! No thanks…

Medisofts’ Cloud-Based EMR designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Medisoft practice management solution. You can get started on Medisofts’ Cloud EMR for as little as $349 a month. Learn more here…

Medisoft Comes In 3 Different Models

Medisoft Basic

Great for those on a tight budget who primarily need to send claims, have an integrated schedule, and perform basic account management.

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Medisoft Advanced

Perfect for those needing more than just basic functionality like multiple fee schedules, easier bulk payment processing, more advanced aging reports, simplified claims management, different user permission levels, and more automatic capabilities built in.

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Medisoft Net Pro

Perfect for larger offices with multiple users that need to access scheduling & accounting at the same time from different computers on the network. Includes all the powerful features in Advanced plus more!

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Medisoft Model Comparison

Do you want to see exactly what features are included in each of the three different models? Click here to see a model comparison matrix.

Medisoft Version Comparison

See what features have been added from version to version. If you are not on the latest version then you are missing out on some valuable features! ICD-10 features are only available in versions 19 and 20. If you are on version 18 or older, then you are not ICD-10 ready. Click here to see a version comparison matrix.

Unleash The Full Power of Medisoft

Medisoft EMR

Did you know that Medisoft has EMR options? By purchasing your EMR or EHR together with your PM (practice management) software, they will work together seamlessly. If you purchase your EMR separate from your PM, then you may have to deal with a 3rd software or programmers to get your two systems to work together.

Learn more about your Medisoft EMR options here.

Medisoft Easy Claims

Sending claims and getting paid using Medisoft couldn’t be any easier. Get paid faster, have fewer rejections, save hours of data entry, no uploading or downloading spreadsheets to websites, and improve cash flow with Medisoft Easy Claims!

Learn more about your Medisoft Easy Claims.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

What is the FASTEST, and the EASIEST way to actually get patients to show up for their appointments? Automate it with Automatic Appointment Reminders!
Try it now with a 30 day FREE trial!

Learn more about Medisoft’s Automatic Appointment Reminder system.

Patient Statements & Payments

Are you still manually sending patient statements? Do you have an option yet for your patients to pay you online?

Get paid faster and with less hassle using Medisoft’s built in patient statement and payment system. It’s already part of your software, you just need to enroll to use it!

Learn more about the Medisoft patient statement and payment system.

Medisoft e-Prescribing

Manage prescriptions: Quickly, Easily, Safely.

Not only does e-prescribing improve patient safety and quality of care, it saves time and enhances office and pharmacy productivity. With e-prescribing providers no longer have to write or fax a prescription, you can easily transmit new prescriptions or renewals to a pharmacy electronically.

Learn more about Medisoft e-Rx.

Medisoft Training

Do you want to really learn how to unleash the full potential of Medisoft? If you do, then get training on how to use the program.

Stop using just 10% of the program! Unleash the full power of Medisoft by getting trained by the Medisoft Experts!

Learn more about your Medisoft training options here.

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