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We are here for you. Our company offers many different options for support. From the most advanced shadow support (we log into your computer from our office) to technical phone support and office visits—our expertise is available when you need it.
AZCOMP Technologies, Inc. offers unlimited Lytec Software telephone technical phone support contracts for twelve months. Phone support contracts ensure that you will receive answers to all your questions concerning the operation of Lytec when you need them. Additionally we provide limited assistance with software products that interact with Lytec. Our telephone technical support hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday (except holidays). If you do not have a support contract we will provide technical support on a per incident basis.

Note: If you wish to pay on a per incident basis you must have either a Visa or MasterCard ready when you call. All checks must be received prior to support call.

Optional Ways of Receiving Answers:
1. Telephone: Call us at 888-358-2667 option 3
2. Fax: Fax your support inquiries to 480.926.6108
3. Email: Email your support inquiries to support@azcomp.com
4. Website: Visit Lytec’s Knowledge Base for free at www.Lytec.com/kb

Note: When faxing or emailing inquiries please include enough detailed information for us to answer your questions. We will respond by calling, faxing or emailing you back within 48 hours.

With the purchase of the 12 Months-Platinum Plan you will receive:

  • Unlimited Lytec Software Support
  • Call Back Feature (You now have the option to call and leave your phone number and a short message.  The phone system will hold your place in line and call you back when a technician is available to assist you.)
  • Priority Queuing (You will receive a private and direct phone number which will instantly put you in front of all 6 month and support by the minute callers.
  • Toll free phone number
  • Shadow Support – Proven to be the most advanced and effective method of support available. Through PC Anywhere our support technicians can connect to your computer from our office to view what is happening on your PC and walk you through steps as you watch them happen on your screen.
  • Free File Repair Diagnosis (valued at $125.00)

For more information call 480.730.3055.

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