Medisoft Support Video – Disable Mobile App To Free Up A User License

If you are out of user licenses, you can temporarily disable your mobile app to free up a user license.

When you are running the Medisoft Mobile App, it is taking up one of your user licenses. If you get an error saying that you have “too many users logged in”, you could disable the mobile app if you are not using it at the time.

This video will show you how to disable the mobile app when needed and restart the mobile app as well. You can also make it so that the app starts up automatically when you log-in to Medisoft, or make it so that you have to manually start it for only the times when you need to use it.

Check out the video here:

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Video Transcript:

When logging in to Medisoft, if you ever see the error that says there’s too many users logged on, it could be a service that’s running. Simply click on your Windows button, type in the word services.msc, and hit enter. Under the list of services we’re going to look for McKesson MSL mobile API server.

If it’s running, status running, then that’s taking up one license. If you’re not using the mobile service by Medisoft, it’s safe to go ahead and disable this.

You can do this by stopping the service, right click and stop, and then right click, go to properties, and make sure this is on manual, not automatic. Either manual or disabled will work. Next time you start Windows it won’t start up automatically. You can close out of the services and then try logging on again.