Lytec 2014 “You Are Already Logged In” Error

AZCOMP Support Video: What To Do When Lytec 2014 Won’t Let You Log In Because You Are Already Logged In

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Sometimes Lytec 2014 will give you an error that reads, “You are already logged into this practice… Please choose another practice.”  In this video, our Lytec support guru Russ will show you how to fix that error in a little over 1 minute.  Watch the video and learn from the best.  Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all of the video updates that we make.  We will be posting many more videos for Lytec, Medisoft, Revenue Management, and our EMR products but they may not all end up on the blog.

VIDEO: Fixing the Lytec 2014 Log In Error