Family? We certainly are. Even though only a few of us are related to each other, we treat each other a lot like a family. We love each other, we help each other, we laugh and cry together, we have a lot of fun together and we also work very hard together.

It’s time to meet the family! Take a look at each of our departments to get to know us a little better.

Medical Software Support

Our medical software support department is the largest department in the company. They are mostly a bunch of introverts but they love problem solving and love delivering phenomenal. They work hard all day every day to keep your Medisoft and Lytec programs running smooth. They are by far the best Medisoft and Lytec support department in the world!

IT Support

This is the IT services team. They are kind of a quiet group of guys but they get pretty excited when you start talking about BDR Servers or VPN Networks. They are here for you to make your computer problems go away, and they are dang good at it too. They will keep your data safe, help you become HIPAA compliant, keep your server up and running for you, and everything else in between.


These ladies really know how to talk! And it is a good thing too. The training team loves to help you learn all the skills you need to get the most out of your software. They teach the basics and expert skills for Medisoft and Lytec, Revenue Management, Scheduling, EHR Implementations, Meaningful Use Assessments and more. Do you have a question? The training team will help!


Having a great Administrative team makes good companies great, which is why we think we have a great company! They know how to get all the daily details accomplished to make the company keep running smooth. And, they love to take care of you, the customers. We love our Admin team!

Sales & Marketing

This bunch can get a little bit loud from time to time, but they know how to get a lot done too. Product knowledge and passion for the products and services is what it takes to be a part of the sales and marketing team. Share with us what kind of challenges are going on in your practice and we’ll help you find the right mix of products and services to help you achieve new heights in delivering the best care.

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